‘The Bold and the Beautiful': Liam Believes His Father was Right

On yesterday’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, Deacon managed to stall Hope for as long as he could. After the limo driver took off, a desperate Hope talked a gardener with a pickup truck into getting her to the church. She jumped in the back, expensive gown and all, and was determined to find her way to Liam.

In the meantime, Bill and Alison spoke. Alison told Bill Deacon held Hope up as long as he could. Alison explained Hope was on her way to the church and Bill ordered her to prevent her from getting there. Alison sent Deacon back to the farm-house, made a few phone calls and wrote a note which she left on the mirror in Hope’s hotel room. The gardener driving that pickup truck ran into a road block and was unable to go any further. Hope decided to run to the church.

Elsewhere, Liam arrived back at the hotel. Steffy knew he was coming thanks to Bill. Liam entered Hope’s suite and read the note on the mirror. The note said I love you but I just can’t do this. A crushed Liam couldn’t believe Hope dumped him again. He flashed back to the great times they had in Puglia together. Steffy showed up wondering what was going on. Liam told her he Hope dumped him again. He said he ‘was done.’ Steffy didn’t get it. Liam left Hope a video message on her tablet and angrily tossed it across the room after finishing the message. In the meantime, Hope told Ridge and Brooke about Deacon. Brooke warned her to stay away from Deacon. Hope didn’t want to talk about him now. She just wanted to get married.

Katie heard Marcus and Dayzee chatting about Hope and Liam and some type of sabotage. She tried to get the story out of Marcus, but had no luck. She called Bill and ordered him not to interfere with Hope and Liam’s wedding. Bill dodged her advice and told her he loved her.

On today’s episode, A devastated Liam has Steffy by his side. He begins ranting about how everything his father said about Hope was right. He cannot believe this just happened to him. Steffy finds it strange and has to wonder if Bill was behind this whole thing. Steffy offers Liam comfort. Later, Hope tries to track down Liam. Take a look at this CBS video preview for today’s episode.

Also on today’s episode, Liam begins to wonder if he should have listened to his father. Bill puts part two of his plan into action. He calls Liam, tells him to grab Steffy and meet him at the plane. He tells his son they are leaving. Elsewhere, Ridge begins to wonder if Bill Spencer had anything to do with the wedding going bust. Take a look at this second CBS video preview for today’s episode.

Don’t miss today’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful and do share your thoughts in the comments section below. Do you think Bill Spencer has gone too far this time?


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