‘The Bold and the Beautiful': Liam Gets a New ‘Do’ for the ‘Do Over’

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On yesterday’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, Hope cancelled dinner plans with Liam to make sure Stephanie was okay. One has to wonder why she just didn’t call her mother to check Stephanie so she could keep her date with Liam, but that didn’t happen. Liam didn’t understand but he took advantage of yet another Hope-less night and decided to find Steffy at the club. Why shouldn’t he enjoy his final night of freedom, right?

Back at the Forrester estate, Stephanie compared Hope to Brooke. She was driving her nuts just like Brooke did when she first got sick. Stephanie told Brooke several times she was okay and encouraged her to go be with Liam. She said everytime she laughed, she got a coughing fit. Hope refused to leave her side. They began chatting about the wedding. Hope wanted Stephanie’s blessing. She told Stephanie, this wedding would help her get past what happened between Liam and Steffy in Italy. It seems as though Hope has this endless need for perfection in all areas of her life, but another wedding? That girl is using one expensive form of therapy. Hope had a feeling Stephanie wanted Steffy and Liam together. Stephanie told her she wanted to see both of them happy. She also cautioned Hope that what happened between her and Liam was just a rough patch. She warned the Hope better prepare herself for more rough times ahead.

Stephanie also wondered why Hope was in such a rush to get married. Hope didn’t exactly have a good answer. She said images of Steffy and Liam are engraved in her brain. She thought if she had a new wedding, at least when she looked back, that day would no longer be full of those horrible images. She mentioned how hard all this was for her.

Hope and Ridge spend some quality time alone. They speak to R.J. at camp and Hope continued to refuse to talk about Steffy. What else is new? She wanted all the focus on Hope. She’s proud of Hope and the strength she’s shown. Ridge thought Steffy had too. Hope honestly didn’t want to focus on Steffy because Hope didn’t want to, so they shouldn’t either. Ridge mentioned Steffy encouraged Hope to move on with Liam. Brooke claimed that Hope decided that all for herself. Brooke and Ridge went back to enjoying each other. It’s been months since we’ve seen them in the steam room, so they are long overdue.

Back at the bar, Liam had kicked back more than a few cocktails and danced with a lampshade on his head. Ramona thought someone should tell him to slow down. Steffy said it was better to let him be because this could be his last night like this. Steffy goes off to call a car to get Liam home. Stephanie mentions one last time that Liam has unresolved feelings for Steffy. She wondered again why Hope was rushing this. Hope claimed it was her way of rebelling. She claims her childhood wasn’t perfect and planning a traditional wedding was the most outrageous thing a Logan woman could do. Stephanie hugged her and wished her the best. Stephanie couldn’t find Liam when she got back with a car. Finally, she found him and gazed at him in disbelief.

On today’s episode, Liam is still with Steffy the morning of his wedding. She tries to tell him about something he found funny the night before. Liam had no clue what she was talking about. He had a towel over his head as they were talking. She showed him a cell phone photo of what he did to his hair and Liam couldn’t believe it. He wondered what he had done to his hair. Take a look at this CBS video preview for today’s episode.

Also, on today’s episode, the wedding is about to start, only Liam isn’t there yet. Steffy is glad for every last moment she spent with Liam. Liam finally arrived and Hope was suspicious about where he might have been. It didn’t take rocket science for Hope to figure out Liam might have been with Steffy. Take a look at this second B&B video preview for today’s episode.

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