‘The Bold and the Beautiful': Liam Presses Hope as Steffy Waits for the Verdict

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On yesterday’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, Taylor told Ridge she hoped Steffy wouldn’t be as unlucky in love as she had been. She mentioned how meeting Ridge was the best thing that ever happened to her, but losing him was one of the worst. She doesn’t regret her time with Ridge and swears she has moved on, and Ridge is apologetic. Taylor just hated to see Steffy so stuck on Liam under the circumstances. She mentioned Ridge marrying Brooke for the millionth time. Ridge recalled times when he wanted two women at once. He told Taylor he never stopped loving her.

Steffy puts Liam under a ton of pressure as she tells him he can have her now. She continued to paint Hope as the poster child of instability and told Liam he should let her go. He didn’t deserve a this. Liam tried to defend Hope’s reaction to that video, but Steffy wasn’t buying it. She claimed Hope would always take off when the going gets rough and urged Liam to think about whether he wanted to live his life with all that drama. The mood lightened when Steffy noticed Liam owned a VCR. He told her he couldn’t find any Bob Hope movies on DVR’s, so he held on to his VCR. Liam never got over that Steffy was a Bob Hope fan. She said they were simpatico. Liam mentioned how much fun Steffy always was and that she was his best friend.

Liam continued to defend Hope stating she might always head for the door during tough times, but he’s no better because he tended to head for Steffy under those circumstances. Steffy told Liam to go talk to Hope and tell her it was over. She told him she would wait one hour for him to come back to her. If he wasn’t there within the hour, she intended to hit some tropical island to drown her sorrows. Liam went to see Hope as ordered.

Hope told Rick she was sure Steffy was with Liam as they spoke. Rick urged her to go to the cliff house to claim her man. Hope said she couldn’t allow Steffy to shape her decisions. She needed to do what was best for her. Later, Hope was alone when Liam showed up at her door. He wanted to talk. He apologized for the Steffy thing again, but also said Hope should cut him some slack under the circumstances. He genuinely believed they were over. Liam also stated they had just exchanged vows and said she belonged home with him so they could work this out. He asked Hope flat-out if she was coming.

On today’s episode, Ridge goes to see Stephanie and Eric to discuss the ongoing drama between Liam, Hope and Steffy. Speaking of Steffy, she continues to wait for Liam to come back to her. Will he come home to Steffy? Liam continues to wait for Hope’s answer. Take a look at their exchange in this CBS video preview for today’s episode.

Also, on today’s episode, a worn out Hope presses Liam for the truth about something. Stephanie mentions that Hope doesn’t always make the most unselfish decisions, but Steffy consistently does. Take a look at his second B&B preview for today’s episode.

What will Liam do? Will Hope have a do over wedding? Will Steffy get her man back or will she end up in Antigua licking her wounds? Only time will tell. Don’t miss today’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful and do share your comments in the conversations section below.


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