‘The Bold and the Beautiful': Liam’s Love Remote Control

Fans of The Bold and the Beautiful know by now that Hope finally saw that video that was allegedly deleted featuring Steffy and Liam’s private encounter. Hope stumbled upon the now infamous wedding video and watched what Steffy and Liam shared in that hotel suite in Italy taken the day Hope and Liam got married. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing and, as a result of the steamy footage, Hope literally fell apart.

As Hope was watching that video, Liam was hanging with Steffy at Forrester Creations. His father actually delivered paperwork to him at Forrester so he could make sure his Italian wedding ended up being legal in the US. Who would have suspected that Bill would play errand boy for a day? Justin and Alison must have been out to lunch or something.

Brooke had known there was a chance Hope might find the video while she was at the house trying on Brooke’s clothes, but since the odds of Hope using Brooke’s computer were so slim, she decided not to rush over there to delete the sudsy video. By the time Brooke did get to Hope, she was a mess. She told her mother the video stopped, but she would never know if Liam and Steffy did. Brooke assured her daughter that what she saw was the only thing that happened. Brooke insisted she knew that for a fact because Liam told her. Everyone knows Liam tells the truth, right? All Hope knew was that Liam didn’t tell her everything. She wondered who else had seen the video and a hesitant Brooke didn’t answer. Hope knew that wasn’t a good sign and she told her mother she didn’t even know Liam any more. Take a look at this video clip from Friday’s episode to take a look at Hope’s reaction. If she only went shopping to buy her own clothes instead of surfing through her mother’s hand me downs, none of this ever would have happened.

Elsewhere, Marcus was still stuck in some legal hot water with the texting and driving episode that led him to hit Anthony with his vehicle. If the cops threw the book at Anthony, it wouldn’t bother Marcus one bit. Now, both Dayzee and Hope are wondering if they really knew the men they married.

On today’s episode, Hope decides to have a chat with her husband about what really went down in Italy. A devastated Hope tells Liam she doesn’t get why she is always considered the unstable one when it’s his intense need to have a girl adore him that makes her and Steffy interchangeable for him. So much so, that on their wedding day, he went from her to Steffy and then back to her again. Hope said all that was as easy for Liam as changing a channel. She insists he explain this to her. Take a look at their exchange here in this CBS video clip for today’s episode.

Also, on today’s episode, Taylor and Ridge team up and begin to suspect Bill Spencer had something to do with what went down between Liam, Hope and Steffy in Italy. They decide to confront him. A fed up Steffy is sick to death of dealing with Brooke and Liam remains conflicted fighting his loyalties to both Steffy and Hope. Later, Liam pleads with Hope to forgive him. In case you missed the weekly preview for this quirky little corner of L.A., take a look at it here from CBS.
Don’t miss today’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful and do share your thoughts in the comments section below. Will Hope leave Liam? Will Steffy want him back? Only time and trauma will tell!


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