‘The Bold and the Beautiful': Marcus Confronts Justin and Bill Thinks Danielle Wants Him

On yesterday’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, Bill worked on a skeptical Deacon dangling his freedom in front of him if he does exactly what Bill wants him to do. Deacon claimed he was never allowed to get to know his daughter and he didn’t want to destroy her. In the end, however, freedom sounded good to Deacon and he agreed to work Bill to get out of jail.

Karen and Danielle waited for Bill in his office to attend a meeting. Katie was there. She gushed about her pregnancy and called Bill who admitted he forgot about the appointment. Katie grilled Alison to find out where Bill was but Alison said he was working on long-term investment opportunities with Justin. Katie is suspicious. Brooke spoke to Hope about Deacon. She advised her daughter to stay away from him. Hope mentioned that it was Dr. Barton who encouraged her to reach out to her father. Hope said she wanted to marry Liam without any issues.

Brooke had frightening flashbacks of her life with Deacon and went to see Dr. Barton. She told the Doctor that Hope shouldn’t be near Deacon Sharpe. She described him as dangerous and manipulative. Justin hit a button on his phone that connected him to Marcus. He didn’t realize it and Marcus heard a conversation between Justin and Bill about Bill’s brilliant plan to get rid of Hope. A stunned Marcus who was with Hope at the time is speechless.

On today’s episode, Steffy talks to Hope about the divorce being final tomorrow. She wonders if Hope’s excited. Hope admits she is. Steffy tells Hope no matter what happens tomorrow, she has to know it’s happening to both of them. Take a look at this CBS video preview for today’s episode.

Also on today’s episode, Marcus goes to Justin to see what’s going on with him and Bill. Will Justin be able to keep Bill’s secret now? Back in Bill’s office Daniele chats with Bill and wonders why they are talking about Karen. Danielle had been under the impression Bill wanted to get to know her better. Later, Bill tells his sister about his conversation with Danielle. Karen gets the impression that Bill believes Danielle was flirting with him. Steffy gives Liam one last opportunity to pick her over Hope. Take a look at this second CBS video clip for today’s episode.

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