‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Next Week: Can Viewers Take Another Wedding Shocker?

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Next week on The Bold and the Beautiful, viewers will watch memories of the journey taken by Ridge and Brooke over the years in that quirky little corner of L.A. To say the least, there’s was one heck of a journey. Seasoned viewers aren’t at all surprised that Brooke and Ridge are remarrying for the gazillionth time, but the fact that those same viewers are aware Ron Moss (Ridge) is actually leaving the show, and that factors into making this a major event for long-term viewers. How will B&B write Ridge off? As sad as it is that this iconic actor is leaving, at least the audience will get to see more of the veteran actors on this show (next week) as opposed to the younger ones involved in that overdone love triangle.

According to the weekly video preview released by CBS, Brooke and Ridge have their wedding all set to take place at Stephanie and Eric’s luxurious L.A. estate, but that wedding won’t go off without a hitch. What Logan wedding ever does, right? Apparently, Steffy’s presence will bother Brooke and Steffy will offer to leave. If nothing else, Steffy has a right to attend when one considers its her father being married here. Katie also gives Steffy grief next week, and one has to wish she would just rush off and indulge herself with pickles and ice cream or something and stay out of Steffy, Liam and Hope’s business. Enjoy your pregnancy Katie!

Take a look at this video preview for next week’s episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful and share your thoughts on how Ron Moss (Ridge) might leave the show and what the wedding shocker might be.

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