‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Next Week: Hope’s Future Hangs in the Balance

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Next week on The Bold and the Beautiful, Hope suspects something was going on between Steffy and Liam the night before her “do over” wedding. She wanted perfect memories this time around, but it’s not looking like she’s going to find them. Liam hit the club when Hope cancelled their night before the “do over” wedding dinner plans because Stephanie was coughing, Hope’s concern was genuine given Stephanie’s medical history, but she could have called another family member to check on her. She could have kept her date with Liam.

The always clueless Liam decided to rush out to enjoy his final night of freedom. He tracked Steffy down and flat-out told her this was his last night as a single man. He danced with a lamp shade on his head, downed more than a few shots, then got a neck tattoo and dyed part of his hair “Sharon Osborne Red.”

When Liam got to Stephanie and Eric’s estate on the back of Steffy’s motorcycle the next afternoon for the wedding, he was all set to marry Hope. It didn’t take Hope too long to figure out he had partied his brains out the night before. She asks him if he was with Steffy. Liam has no choice but to admit that he was, and Hope blows a gasket. He claims Steffy was there for him as a friend, but she isn’t buying it. She insists Steffy isn’t a friend; she’s just Liam’s ex-wife. When Rick finds out about this, he tells Liam he is not welcome or worthy of joining the his family. Essentially, Rick wants Liam to get lost.

From the events unfolding in this CBS video preview for next week, it’s not looking too good for Liam. He pleads with Hope to realize he loves her, but she claims the way he loves her isn’t good enough. Take a look at this CBS preview, and do share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Will Hope kick Liam to the curb, and if she tries, will her mother swoop in and tell her to stick with the guy so Steffy doesn’t win? It’s anyone’s guess. Do weigh in and Keep watching The Bold and the Beautiful.

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