‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Next Week: Out of Control and Over the Edge

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Next week on The Bold and the Beautiful, a breaking news story could shift attention from the seemingly endless Steffy/Liam/Hope love triangle, to the feud between Caroline and Bill Spencer. This breaking news story may not totally kill all the air time typically devoted to Hope and Steffy’s quest to win over that idiot prize known as Liam, but it may just give viewers a break now and then. There are times when the thoughts of watching an unconscious Caroline seem more appealing than going back to tracking that hideous love triangle.

If you follow the show, it’s no secret that Bill Spencer was furious with his niece Caroline after she convinced Rick to tell Hope he lied about Steffy and Liam being all over before the Liam/Hope wedding. Bill was livid. In the meantime, Katie told Brooke she was worried that Bill had been drinking too much. Brooke was sure Bill wasn’t a drinker, but she stated she didn’t want Bill confronting Caroline in his state of mind. Brooke sounded more like Bill’s wife than Katie did. Outside, Bill was swilling around a glass of that amber liquid (on the rocks) he’s so fond of, when he spied his niece lurking around. Caroline was waiting for him. She felt compelled to tell Bill why she did what she did herself. Take a look at their exchange from Monday’s episode.

So, Caroline takes a dive after grabbing her uncle and tripping over her purse when he pulls away. Bill will assert he didn’t push her and will most likely blame her purse for the accident. Rick might just come unglued when he gets word on Caroline’s accident and the extent of her injuries. Take a look at this CBS video preview for next week’s episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful, and do share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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