‘The Bold and the Beautiful': Pam and Eric Bond and Stephanie Needs Brooke’s Strength

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On yesterday’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, Stephanie handed her sister Pam an invitation to the party celebrating her life and Pam learned her cancer had returned. Stephanie needed her to accept that. An emotional Pam told Stephanie she beat cancer once, and she could beat it again. Stephanie kept her composure and told Pam it wouldn’t be like that this time around. The cancer had spread too far. She told Pam if she elected to have treatment, it would only buy her another month. Pam couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She couldn’t stand the thoughts of not having Stephanie around. Pam said she was nothing without Stephanie.

Stephanie understood Pam’s fear of being alone. She told her to let her feelings out while she still could. Pam insisted she wasn’t thinking of herself. She told Stephanie without her, she’s just a stranger with a bunch of people around her forced to refer to her as family. Pam was afraid she hadn’t done enough for Stephanie. Stephanie told Pam she gave her the ultimate gift by taking care of their difficult mother all those years. They began to chuckle at the thoughts of their mother Anne. They remembered saying goodbye to their mother on the beach and promising not to make her endure any more hospital stays. Stephanie told Pam she had the same wish regarding hospitalization. Pam stated she wasn’t so good at carrying people’s wishes out. Stephanie told Pam she had to be strong because Eric wouldn’t be.

Stephanie also promised Pam to always take care of her. Pam didn’t understand how she would do that. Stephanie promised she would see. Pam didn’t need money, but Stephanie wasn’t talking about money. Viewers saw flashbacks of Stephanie, Pam and Anne as the sisters hugged.

Back at Forrester, Caroline thanked Thomas for the flowers, but said sending them every day was overkill. He sensed she was still upset about Rick falling out the window and he defended himself once again. He also stated that Rick lost his balance and wasn’t pushed. She mentioned him kissing Hope and he went through the publicity drill again. Thomas said losing her had been a wake-up call and he wanted a second chance.

Taylor was waiting for Thomas when she ran into Brooke. Taylor thought Thomas was taking his job pretty seriously. Brooke thought Rick gave him the job to get back at her. Thomas wondered where the name plate on his door was. Donna explained it will arrive within the next couple of days. Thomas wondered if the engraver’s had a fear of committment. Donna explained the job got sent out because Forrester didn’t have in-house engravers. He gave Donna a memo about upcoming organizational changes and wanted to know where Pam was. Thomas said Pam was at lunch. Thomas told Donna she and Pam were like a comedy act in the office. He wasn’t happy with it. He said if things didn’t change, he’d let one or both go. Donna promised they would do better.

Brooke told Taylor if she spoke to Ridge, not to get any ideas about a reunion. She said it would never be over between her and Ridge.

On today’s episode, Stephanie gives Brooke her party invitation and Brooke wonders why she is celebrating her life. It doesn’t take Brooke too long to figure out what is going on with Stephanie. Take a look at this CBS video preview for today’s episode.

Also, on today’s episode, an emotional Pam turns to Eric for comfort. He tells her he can’t believe his wonderful Stephanie is dying. Donna steps in to give Thomas some advice. Donna has been full of wisdom lately! Stephanie tells Brooke she needs her strength now. Will Brooke be up to the task?

Take a look at this B&B video preview for today’s episode and don’t miss today’s events on The Bold and the Beautiful. Share your favorite memories of Susan Flannery (Stephanie) in the comments section below.

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