‘The Bold and the Beautiful': Sneak Peek and Spoilers for 3-9-12

On yesterday’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, Hope and Liam wake up together after an awkward night making love for the first time. Hope is rather silent and finally tells Liam she’s sorry she disappointed him. He insists he’s not disappointed. He gets up to get dressed for work and Hope wonders if he really has to go in. He claims he’s the boss’ son, so he doesn’t have to go, it’s just his choice to be there.

Ridge and Brooke wake up and Brooke is in a panic because she’s forgotten all about Eric and Stephanie’s anniversary. She has nothing for them. She wants to plan a party but Ridge reminds her his parents aren’t married. Brooke begins wondering how Hope and Liam made out. Ridge continues to worry about that situation. Brooke gets and idea and rushes off before Ridge gets an answer as to where she is going.

Elsewhere, Gladys Pope enters the Forrester residence rambling about how they should have pruned the rose bushes. Stephanie immediately recognizes her as Sally’s old friend. Stephanie remembers her being a hair stylist. Gladys claims she has had to diversify. She also works in a crack about Stephanie’s hair. Eventually, Gladys overhears Eric trying to convince Stephanie to marry her. She wonders if somebody here needs a ball and chain because she is a legal marriage officiate. For thirty-bucks and a photo ID she can marry them now.

Brooke shows up at Liam’s with groceries (apparently, she does know how to shop for food) to make breakfast for Hope and Liam. She’s surprised to find Hope up and even more surprised to learn Liam went to work. She asks Hope about her big night. Hope starts off by stating it was wonderful, the best night of her life, and suddenly, she begins sobbing.

On today’s episode, a surprised Bill finds Liam at work. Liam tells his father if he seems a little off its most likely due to lack of sleep. Bill says he isn’t buying what Liam is selling. Liam wonders what he’s trying to sell. He claims he’s not selling anything. Bill says, “You know when you dream about something for so long and it ends up leaving you unfulfilled, you die a little bit inside, don’t you?” Take a look at this CBS video preview for today’s episode.

Also on today’s episode, Gladys Pope marries Stephanie and Eric. A shocked Brooke can’t believe what Hope is telling her about her first night. Hope wonders how she can tell Liam something isn’t right. Bill continues his chat with Liam as Brooke asks Hope if she wants to make things right for Liam. Take a look at this second CBS video preview for today’s episode.

Don’t miss today’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful to find out what kind of advice Hope will give her daughter this time around.

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