‘The Bold and the Beautiful': Sneak peek of tomorrow’s show

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On tomorrow’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, Bill Spencer arranges for Liam and Steffy to get out-of-town on his private jet. According to the video footage, Liam suddenly grows concerned about work. He wonders why his father would arrange for him to go away with Steffy when he’s been riding him so hard about his lack of focus at work. Bill simply brushes it off. He is simply happy that his son has his swagger back.

If nothing else, it is somewhat amusing to watch Bill Spencer (Dollar Bill) living vicariously through his son. Spencer is one character on The Bold and the Beautiful who, in his younger days, was known for capitalizing on his money and good looks. He appears to have settled down to some degree at his current age (aside from having that brief affair with his son’s current fiancĂ© Steffy,) but he isn’t about to miss one single moment of his son playing the field. Spencer will drop more than a few bucks to make sure his son follows in his footsteps.

Take a look at this CBS preview for tomorrow’s edition of The Bold and the Beautiful and share your comments as to whether you think Liam and Steffy will survive in the conversation section below.

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