‘The Bold and the Beautiful': Steffy Tells Katie She Wants to Protect Hope

On Friday’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, Katie and Brooke reviewed the wedding photos on that broken iPad. They were shocked after discovering a video of Liam with Steffy on his wedding day when he’d wrongfully assumed Hope left him. They watched in horror as Liam and Steffy began kissing and they heard Liam ask Steffy to fly off with him. Brooke became emotional after watching the clip and she had to go see Liam.

Elsewhere, Taylor worried about Steffy. She thought it was clear that Liam was still in love with her. Steffy didn’t doubt that at all, but she told Taylor that Liam was married to Hope now, and he loved her as well. Steffy seemed determined to accept the marriage and move on. Later, Katie visited Steffy in her office and accused her of having quite the con going on. A clueless Steffy had no idea what she was talking about. Katie told her she knew she was with Liam on her wedding day. She let her know she and Brooke found a video to prove it.

In the meantime, Brooke asked her daughter for a moment alone with Liam. Hope ran off to take a shower. Brooke told Liam he made her want him as a son-in-law. She said she was no longer sure about him. She mentioned the letter and Liam defended the fact that he thought it was from Hope. Brooke then got to the point and mentioned his being with Steffy right before he married Hope. She fails to understand how he could have done that to her daughter and wanted to know if he truly loved Hope. Hope emerged from the shower and wondered what was happening.

On the next episode, Katie continues chatting with Steffy in her office. A surprised Steffy heard about the video and hoped Brooke wasn’t intending to tell Hope about it. Katie ordered Steffy to stop pretending she cared about Hope. Steffy says she doesn’t care what Katie thinks of her, but she is trying to protect Hope. She claims nobody else can know about this because Hope and Liam are married now and it will only do more damage. A startled Katie doesn’t know what to think. Take a look at this CBS video preview for the next episode of this show.

Also on today’s episode, Brooke tells Liam he cannot begin his marriage with a lie. Steffy tells Katie to make sure Brooke lets this go. Liam tells Brooke that Hope finally has everything she wants. He doesn’t want her to make him take it all away from her. Brooke struggles over whether or not to tell Hope what she knows and someone issues Liam an ultimatum. Take a look at this second B&B video preview for Monday’s episode.

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