‘The Bold and the Beautiful': Steffy vs. Hope and Bill vs. Brooke

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On The Bold and the Beautiful today, life in that quirky little corner of LA continues to amuse. On today’s episode, Hope and Liam boarded that luxury jet to fly off to attend ‘fashion week’ in Aspen. They share a multitude of kisses as they wait for Steffy to board the same luxury airbus. Who would have thought Steffy would be a passenger on the trip that Hope thinks will change everything between her and Liam? And, why would Hope want Steffy as a passenger? More importantly, why would Liam invite Steffy to join them in the first place? Something says Hope thinks an escape with Liam will curb her appetite for anti-anxiety meds, but will it?

Hope has plans to hide out in Bill Spencer’s ‘little’ retreat in Aspen. Liam points out that this is no small property. He encourages his future bride to explore the grounds and perhaps ski while he’s working fashion week events. Liam is clearly trying to shield Hope from an unrelenting press who has been all over her over her choice to sleep with a married man. Hope has become the sort of ‘cover girl’ she never wanted to become. The virginous wonder has just become an adulterating hypocrite.

In the meantime, Brooke is busy ordering Steffy to stay away from Hope in Aspen. An unphased Steffy tells Brooke she has no intention of hanging out with Hope and Liam. Steffy says it’s fashion week and she has to get to Aspen to represent Forrester Creations. Brooke just happens to have a fresh copy of Liam and Steffy’s annulment papers and wants Steffy to take them with her and make the right decision. Steffy tells Brooke she believes Liam will come back to her and has no plans to sign those papers. Are there gazillion copies of those papers circulating around or what?

Later, Brooke waltzes into Bill Spencer’s office like she owns the building and warns him not to get involved in Hope and Liam’s life this time around in Aspen. Brooke believes the venerable Mr. Spencer had a hand in the disaster that unfolded the last time her daughter traveled to Aspen with Thomas, and she doesn’t want a repeat performance.

Bill blows Brooke off telling her he just got off the phone with the caretakers of his property in Aspen to make sure they have everything in perfect order by the time Hope and Liam arrive. Little does Brooke know, Bill has another plan in motion to make sure the press is aware of where Hope is hiding out, and he is sure once the press has this info, they will assault her. Bill Spencer is betting on a Hope breakdown to save his son from spending the rest of his life with the dismal Hope.

Once Steffy boards the Jet, she shares a moment alone with Liam when an extremely giddy Hope rushes off to use the restroom. Steffy goes through her ‘cha cha cha’ routine and remains convinced she and Liam will gravitate their way back to each other eventually. (Note to Steffy from this soaps reporter: You go girl!).

Take a brief look at what happened today from this CBS video clip.

How do you feel about Steffy vs. Hope? Any thoughts? Stay tuned for a sneak peek for tomorrow’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, and do share your thoughts on Steffy vs. Hope. Cha, Cha, Cha!


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