‘The Bold and the Beautiful': Steffy’s Disappearance, Hope’s Perseverance and Mega Interference

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On yesterday’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, a confused Taylor met Steffy at her loft and was unsure why Steffy didn’t summon her to Liam’s place. Steffy had been looking at photos of Liam on her phone while rubbing her stomach prior to Taylor’s arrival. Steffy told her mother that Liam had asked her to move out. Taylor immediately wondered if Hope had been there, but Steffy said she had not. Steffy was sure it was only a matter of time before Hope showed up on Liam’s doorstep, but she said she wouldn’t be surprised if she stopped by the loft first to do a “Logan Victory Dance” first. Now, there’s a visual, right?

Steffy admitted she had not told Liam about the baby yet. She said everything happened too fast, and she was thrown by Liam’s request that she move out. She told Taylor she just couldn’t get the words out. She promised Taylor that she would be alright. Taylor advised her daughter to get back to Liam’s tonight to tell him about the baby. The venerable shrink insisted that Liam had a right to know he was about to become a father. Steffy wanted nothing to do with mentioning the baby just to trap Liam. Taylor was sure Liam would fall in love with the baby the same way Steffy had. She told her daughter things would work out if she told Liam the truth. Steffy was determined not to lose to a Logan again, and Taylor just couldn’t seem to reach her. Steffy feared Liam would resent her, but Taylor was sure that wouldn’t happen. Steffy had seen her mother with her three children lose Ridge to Brooke. She didn’t want that for her or her family. Taylor continued to insist Steffy go talk to Liam tonight, and the two of them shared a hug. Take a look at their exchange in this CBS video from yesterday’s show.

Liam was at home alone gazing at photos of Steffy on his phone when Bill and Katie arrived. Bill immediately wondered where Steffy was. A reluctant Liam told him that he asked Steffy to move out. Bill came unglued and wondered what his son was thinking. Liam tried of offer up an explanation. He said that he couldn’t go on hurting both Hope and Steffy. He stated he wanted some time alone to figure things out. A furious Bill couldn’t believe Liam sent Steffy packing. He was sure Liam regretted it at that very moment. Katie, on the other hand, understood. She thought Liam had made a wise decision. Bill warned Katie not to start singing the praises of her fabulous niece because if she did that, he would definitely hurl. Bill stated it was a ‘no brainer’ for Liam to be with Steffy, but Katie started rambling about Hope. Bill asked for a moment alone with his son. Katie gave in and left too easily, and Bill told his son she was running straight to Hope and Brooke to give them the news. Bill told Liam he could tell he missed Steffy already. He demanded Liam call her and ask her to come home.

Elsewhere, Brooke and Hope were doing their usual ‘nothing’ at Forrester chatting about how perfect Hope was for Liam. Hope said she would be fine as long as Liam asked Steffy to move out. Brooke believed Hope was the only logical choice for Liam. She said Hope and Liam had a different type of bond, the kind of bond he didn’t have with Steffy. Brooke pointed out that Hope could offer Liam children and also mentioned Steffy not being the motherly type. Hope immediately agreed with that one. Hope was just wishing Liam would call her. The waiting was killing her. Suddenly, Katie trotted in and blurted out the news that Liam had asked Steffy to move out. Hope and Brooke slid into conquest mode, immediately assumed Steffy had lost, and began giggling like a couple of toddlers at Disney World. Could this get any more pathetic?

On today’s episode, Taylor and Steffy continue their conversation. Steffy stresses once more that nobody can know about this pregnancy. Taylor looks guilty. Steffy wonders if she told anyone. Taylor admits she caved and told Eric in a weak moment, because she was worried about Steffy being in Paris and had a million things on her mind. Steffy was shocked, but Taylor convinced her that Eric wouldn’t say a word. Take a look at Steffy’s reaction in this CBS video preview for today’s episode.

Also, on today’s episode, Bill demands that Liam pick up the phone now and call Steffy. Liam insists he can’t keep using both women. He needs to make up his mind and can’t see either one of them until he does. Good luck with that one because Hope may not be able to accept this. She’ll gain entry even if she has to buy her own set of golf clubs to do it. Steffy tells Taylor she refuses to use this pregnancy as a trump card to get Liam back. Hope learns Bill is trashing her in front of Liam. Hope isn’t the least bit concerned. Her cockiness kicks in and she says Bill can talk up Steffy all he wants but nothing will break the connection she shares with Liam. Take a look at this B&B video clip for today’s episode.

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