The Bold and the Beautiful: Steffy’s New Hero

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If you watch The Bold and the Beautiful, you had to wonder how long it would take Steffy to get over Bill Spencer. A crushed Steffy sobbed when Bill dumped her to go back with his wife Katie, who recently suffered a heart attack. Steffy truly seemed to love Bill but magically she got over him in a New York minute and she did it without turning to one tub of chocolate chip ice cream to help her through the lonely nights. It was as though Steffy flicked a switch and as a result, this entire storyline has become unrealistic to say the least.

Viewers are profoundly aware of how Steffy erased all memories of Bill Spencer thanks to Steffy’s ability to make her feelings known. This woman holds nothing in. Steffy’s magical cure for Bill Spencer is none other than his son Liam. Liam went to return the key his father had to Steffy’s place and since he wanted to check in on her Liam was more than happy to run this errand for his father. Steffy had soaked in that infamous bathtub formerly owned by Jackie M. Somehow, she slipped and struck her head and fortunately Liam walked in just in time to save her.

Once Liam saved her, it was all over for Steffy. Something intense happened between her and Liam and, as a result of that, Steffy has developed intense feelings for Liam. This is naturally driving the ‘super virgin’ Hope straight up the wall and back down again. The fact that Hope and Steffy are fierce rivals, this plot twist true to character for The Bold and the Beautiful no matter how unbelievable it may seem. Yes, Steffy simply wants Hope’s boyfriend now.

Liam, who has been ready to have sex with Hope for a very long time has found himself gazing at photos of Steffy. Steffy has already warned Hope that Liam needs a real woman. She has made it clear to Hope that Liam is tired of waiting for her. During the showing of the “Hope for the Future” fashion collection, Liam proposes to Hope holding up signs that read “Will you marry me.” Liam jumps up on the catwalk where a frozen Hope stares at the engagement rock he purchased for her. In the meantime, Steffy is just as shocked by what she’s witnessing.

Despite the fact that Liam and Hope haven’t really spent a lot of time speaking about marriage, Hope will most likely accept his proposal. A simple engagement between this couple however, will never stop a determined Steffy Forrester from getting her man.

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