‘The Bold and the Beautiful': Stephanie Gets Grim News and Katie Wants to Be Happy

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On Friday’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, Hope confronted Bill to learn the truth about what he did. Bill confessed wanting to help Liam in Italy. He claimed he went to Deacon, got him out of jail and flew him to Italy to keep Hope and Liam apart. Brooke tells Bill he has no idea what he’s done. She is furious, yet still believed her daughter could still reconcile with Liam. Bill mentioned their failed attempts at marriage and thought they should let it be. The kids didn’t know about this.

Bill also told her it’s too late for Hope and Liam anyway, because Donna saw Liam sleeping with Steffy. Katie entered the room knowing the truth was out. A worried Katie thought she’d be doomed if her husband went to jail for what he did. Bill said it would be pointless to send him away. He was sure that wouldn’t help anyone. Brooke explained she had no intentions of going to the authorities. She thought it was far more important for that Bill and Katie focus on being a family with Will. They all needed each other now. Brooke told her sister she would take care of Bill.

Brooke told Katie while she could be upset at Bill, Katie had to drop her anger for him. She stated that Will was the most important person in that house and they had to get through this for his sake. Brooke left the room to get the baby and, Katie held out her hand and extended it to Bill. He took her hand and Bill hugged her. Hope returned with the baby and placed him in Katie’s arms. Bill had his arm around them and kissed his wife’s forehead. Brooke hoped Katie would get through this for the baby’s sake. She told them to dig deep, get over their issues and become the devoted parents this baby needed. He needed to feel their love.

Liam was dropping off a few of Hope’s things at her house just as she was leaving. She asked him to come inside. Hope said she had heard that he was back with Steffy. She wasn’t exactly fine with it, but she claimed she would be down the road. She wondered if they had plans to get married. Liam said they were taking things slow. He told Hope he had honestly wanted to marry her. She said that might have been true, but he was unable to marry her. He thought everything would have been perfect if he didn’t go to that club with Steffy. Hope told him there were too many if’s in their relationship.

Stephanie and Eric waited for test results at the hospital. Stephanie warned Eric this wasn’t good because it meant the doctor must have seen something wrong in her blood results and ordered the scan. Eric cautioned Stephanie about jumping to conclusions.

The doctor left Eric and Stephanie alone and Stephanie said she didn’t want everyone to know about the cancer markers being elevated in her blood work. She needed some time. He pointed out she had originally kept her cancer diagnosis a secret. She said that didn’t work out too well for her. Stephanie said this time was different. She just wanted some space. Eric said he would give that to her and remain by her side every step of the way.

On today’s episode, a grim-looking Dr. Lewis enters the office with the scan results. Stephanie told her to just tell them. Dr. Lewis said the cancer had metastasized and spread to the bones and the liver. Stephanie knew this wasn’t good. Stephanie wanted to know how much time she had left. The doctor admitted she only had a couple of months if she left the cancer untreated. Eric wants Stephanie to consider treatment options, but will Stephanie be up for that this time around? Take a look at Eric and Stephanie with Dr. Lewis.

Also, on today’s episode, Thomas is having a great time with his power as CEO at Forrester Creations. Katie isn’t so sure she can get past her case of the blues. She just feels so angry. Bill vows to do anything her can to help her. Brooke wants a second chance from Ridge and she and Donna each share some news while catching up with each other. Take a look at this second B&B video clip for today’s episode.

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