‘The Bold and the Beautiful': Stuck on Steffy

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On yesterday’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, Caroline and Thomas arrived at the court-house at the last-minute claiming to have new evidence. They insisted the evidence would exonerate Marcus.The prosecution objected stating they hadn’t had time to review the evidence, but the judge found it interesting enough to hear and allowed Caroline and Thomas to play their surveillance footage.

They explained their belief that Marcus had really only hit a pothole. The video footage from the coffee-house proved that was the case. The damage done to Marcus’ car was virtually identical to the damage Thomas’ car sustained after hitting the very same pothole. The video also showed A second car that had been in front of Marcus cruising away from the scene. The theory was that the other vehicle had hit Anthony and Marcus had simply happened upon him. The judge left to consider the new evidence and once he returned, he agreed with the theory Thomas and Caroline presented. The judge dismissed the hearing against Marcus, and he was let go with a hefty fine for texting and driving. It looks as though Anthony has some apologizing to do.

Elsewhere, Steffy was at the office thinking of Liam and how she advised him to let Hope go. Ridge entered to tell Steffy Hope bailed on Liam, but she knew that already. She also reminded her father she loved Liam and could no longer support Hope in this situation. Ridge admitted Hope had some major growing up to do. Bill visited Liam to let him know he needed him at the office. Liam told him about Hope leaving and Bill blew a gasket. He had just apologized to the girl, pouring out his heart to her and she pulled this stunt. Liam wasn’t surprised that Bill made this all about him. Liam stated he was with Steffy the previous night, but stressed nothing happened. Bill indicated that was good because Hope would be back once she cooled off.

Steffy showed up at Liam’s after Bill left. She was in the neighborhood and noticed Hope’s car wasn’t in the driveway. Liam explained Hope hadn’t returned. Liam had planned to go to the office but Steffy talked him into a walk on the beach instead. Liam was hesitant but Steffy insisted it would be like old times. Steffy got hit by a huge wave and didn’t know why Liam didn’t warn her. He swore he never saw it coming. Liam stated there was a lot of things he never saw coming.

Brooke advised Hope to find a way to forgive her husband but Hope was unsure if she was even supposed to love Liam any longer. She also stated she wasn’t married in the eyes of the law and she didn’t want her last marriage to count. How many weddings does this girl want?

On today’s episode, Rick spoke with Hope about Liam. Hope insists her relationship with Liam was never one of the high school variety. Is she kidding? She told her brother she and Liam had been through so much to get where they were. Rick told her Liam couldn’t be trusted. He insisted Hope should trust the guy and more importantly, she should have been able to trust him on their wedding day. Hope claimed Liam believed she left him. Rick demands she stop defending him. Rick told his sister that Liam is stuck on Steffy and that was never going to change. Take a look at this CBS video preview for today’s episode.

Also on today’s episode, Katie has issues with Liam and she’s not one to keep things bottled up inside, so Liam will hear about those. Hope comes up with a plan to move forward with Liam but her mother believes the flawed plan might signal the end for Hope’s relationship with Liam. Hope wants Steffy to stay out of her life.

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