‘The Bold and the Beautiful': The Ex-Wife, the Ex-Con, and one Hot Looking Priest

On today’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, if you were waiting for a cliff hanger moment, it didn’t happen. If you’re rooting for Hope and Liam, you caught some romantic settings between this couple, but overall, viewers weren’t left with the feeling of suspense typically delivered on a Friday episode of a soap opera.

The big story here is the wedding, Steffy’s presence, and Deacon’s to-do list. Did anyone really need to watch Brooke and Ridge get engaged again today? Isn’t this the sixth time for them? Ridge was searching for a giant olive in the Italian olive grove so he and Brooke could pour a giant martini. It all turned out to be one creative way to propose to his soul mate once again. Ridge hid a giant olive ring box off an olive tree and made sure Brooke found it.

Interestingly enough, Brooke actually told Ridge she forgot they weren’t married. Watching the two of them fawn all over each other under an olive tree wasn’t fun. Just for the record, Brooke did agree to marry Ridge all over again. Leave it to Brooke and Ridge to hone in on Hope and Liam’s limelight. Once Brooke accepted Ridge’s proposal, they went back to their room. Ridge disappeared stating he wanted to tell Steffy he proposed to Brooke.

In the meantime, Steffy shows up at Brooke and Ridge’s room looking for her father. Brooke explains he just went to find her. A gracious Steffy offers to leave, but Brooke wants her to wait. Brooke attempts to extend sympathy to a pretty depressed Steffy, but Brooke has things to say. Steffy notices Brooke’s ring and learns about her father’s engagement. Brooke tells Steffy she feels her pain, but she does appreciate her choice to stand up for Hope. She tells Steffy how much it means to her daughter. Steffy tells Brooke that Hope is an amazing person and she belongs with Liam. Hope tells Steffy this is her chance to break all the tension by getting through this.

What? Didn’t Hope have the same chance? How did Brooke advise Hope back when she was the jilted woman?

Elsewhere, Bill goes over his plan with an uncooperative Deacon. Deacon seems to genuinely care about Hope, and viewers would have been better served with seeing more of him today. In the meantime, Hope and Liam visit with the priest booked to marry them. He was simply drop-dead gorgeous. Anyone agree?

The Steffy/Hope/Liam love triangle has been a long haul. It’s time to end it. This show needs to dump some of the flashbacks and stop inserting ridiculous fluff such as Brooke and Ridge’s engagement into the mix. Any thoughts on this lackluster cliffhanger Friday?

Keep watching The Bold and the Beautiful, and feel free to pen your reaction to today’s episode in the comments section below.

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