‘The Bold and the Beautiful': The Logan Sisters Keep an Eye on Steffy

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On yesterday’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, Marcus went to Dayzee’s where patrons of the coffee shop greeted him. They discovered he was innocent in Anthony’s accident and congratulated him. Marcus wondered how Anthony would feel about all this. Suddenly, Anthony showed up. He told Marcus he was wrong to accuse him and apologized. A gracious Marcus accepted the apology and told Anthony they both made mistakes they could learn from. Anthony agreed. The group applauded Caroline and Thomas for their fine detective work and everyone was happy. Speaking of Thomas and Caroline, they’re certainly becoming one hot item. Did Caroline look a little frumpy in that outfit she was wearing yesterday? Just wondering.

Back at Liam’s, he took a run on the beach and walked into the cliff house. His phone rang and Steffy showed up on his screen. She told him he looked good and he thanked her for the walk on the beach they shared earlier. Someone knocked on Liam’s door and he opened it while still speaking to Steffy. He quickly hung up upon realizing it was Katie. Katie knew it was Steffy’s voice she heard on the phone and she told Liam that kind of behavior would cost him his wife. Katie urged Liam to realize he would have needed time away from Hope too if he had seen her making out with another guy on their wedding day. Katie seriously needs a life.

Elsewhere, Hope spoke to Rick about Liam. Rick stuck to his gut feeling that Liam would never change. Hope claimed she knew she loved him and he loved her, but she just needed time. “Liam is who he is,” said Rick “and he won’t ever change. In the meantime, Taylor discovered Steffy had seen Liam. Steffy said they walked on the beach earlier. Suddenly, Brooke entered demanding that Steffy stay away from Liam. Steffy told Brooke she tried to convince Hope to go back to her husband. In the end however, Steffy told Brooke she would be there for Liam if he needed her.

After Brooke and Taylor left Steffy, Hope showed up with some files. During the course of their conversation, Hope figured out that Steffy had seen Liam. She warned Steffy to stay away from her husband. Steffy told Hope if Liam wanted her, she would be there for him. Hope repeated her request that Steffy stay away from Liam. It’s looking like the gloves are off.

On today’s episode, Steffy decides to take some time off from work. She needs to focus more on what she’ll do if Liam comes running back to her. Hey, it’s a full-time job being involved in a love triangle, right? Elsewhere, Marcus and Dayzee look back on how they came into each other’s lives. Rick works overtime to convince his sister that Liam is the wrong choice for her. Can he reach her? Take a look at this CBS video preview for today’s episode.

Also, on today’s episode, Steffy issues a huge ultimatum to Liam. She tells him either she moves back in with him now, or she moves on. Take a look at this second B&B video preview for today’s episode.

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