‘The Bold and the Beautiful': The Press Continues to Hound Hope

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On today’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, Brooke is extremely upset over what Hope is dealing with in Aspen. She confides in Stephanie about Hope ordering drugs from that online pharmacy.

Brooke also tells Stephanie about Dr. Barton and Stephanie tells Brooke if Hope is seeing a therapist; Brooke should just trust her to call the doctor herself. Brooke claims Hope has not been making the right decisions lately and she is sick with worry over her. Take a look at the exchange between Hope and Brooke on this video preview of today’s episode from CBS.

In the meantime, Hope remains shaken by her run-in with those aggressive reporter. She becomes so rattled that she takes another pill. Finally, she becomes more calm and decides to go skiing with Liam. She is, of course, still under the influence of those pills. One of Bill’s spies alerts him to the fact that Hope is still taking those pills. Brooke has a conversation with Dr. Barton about Hope and the pills. Take a look at this second video promo for today’s episode from B&B.

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