‘The Bold and the Beautiful': The Wedding Drama Continues for Brooke

On yesterday’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, Liam told Bill that he spent some time with Steffy. He said he held her, he loved her and he let her go. Bill came unglued and wanted to know what Liam was thinking. Liam told his father it was actually Steffy that let him go. He explained she knew him better than anyone and she understood that Hope was always his first committment. He told his father that Steffy loved him enough to let her go.

Elsewhere, Brooke hung out with Hope wondering why Liam didn’t call Hope at midnight. Hope shrugged it off stating she figured Liam needed time alone to get some sense of closure. Elsewhere, Steffy told Taylor, Stephanie and Ridge how things ended between her and Liam. A stunned Taylor listened as Steffy said she was the one that ended everything. She said Hope was video texting Liam wearing her wedding dress, so she set him free. Liam and Bill continued to talk and Bill told Liam he actually loves Hope. Bill claimed he doesn’t love Hope the way he loves Steffy. He told Liam there comes a time in life when a person has to do what’s right for them.

Ridge wondered if Steffy was ready to go on. She said she wasn’t but she had to because there was no other choice. Bill arrived back at his office and ordered Alison to cancel all his appointments. Bill said he had to do Liam’s thinking for him because he’s too confused to do it for himself. Bill intended to pursue Deacon at this point. Hope asked Brooke to be her matron of honor. The two of them gushed over the wedding. Liam arrived and Hope welcomed him to their new life.

Brooke told Liam she wanted his father at the wedding–but–only if he was supportive. Brooke is such a class act, don’t you think? Steffy was at the office gazing at a photo of her and Liam. She told Ridge she had never been as close to Liam as she was last night and walking out of there was the hardest thing she’s ever done. She said she left Liam because she wanted him to be happy. Brooke enters and began chatting about the pain Steffy is in. She wished she could do something. Steffy told her there was nothing she could do.

Hope spoke to Liam about not being able to depend on Ridge. She knew that Steffy needed him now. Brooke called Bill to see if he was coming to Italy. Bill said he wouldn’t miss this wedding. “What kind of father would miss his own kid’s wedding?” asked Bill.

On today’s episode, Hope talks with Ridge about Hope having a void in her life because of Deacon. Brooke wishes Hope’s therapist never brought up the father issues with Hope because she won’t ever allow Deacon to get near of Hope. Take a look at their exchange here in this CBS video preview.

Also, on today’s episode, something occurs to Hope. Anyone think she’s beginning to realize Liam is still thinking of Steffy? Stephanie decides to pay Liam a visit once again. Liam asks Bill to be his best man. Take a look at this second CBS video preview for today’s episode.

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