‘The Bold and the Beautiful': Tom Is Top Dog at Forrester and Caroline Shakes Up Liam

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On yesterday’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, Thomas became the majority shareholder at Forrester Creations. Taylor was by his side when Thomas got the word from an attorney who claimed a percentage of Stephanie’s stock had been transferred into his account. Thomas beams as he tells his mother nobody can try to control him any longer. He’s clearly ready to bang some heads together. He summoned Madison and directed her to get Rick into his office immediately.

Rick was chatting in his office with his mother. Brooke brought up how much she liked Caroline. Rick admitted she made his world, but mentioned how much better he and Caroline would be if they could unseat Thomas. Because of the stock deal, Brooke and Rick knew Thomas and his family had control of Forrester Creations, but, Rick vowed never to give up on the company his father started. The talk shifted to Rick and Caroline coming clean with Liam and Brooke about how they had been manipulated. Brooke was still leary about that deal and Rick admitted still being on the fence about it. He said the decision was his and Caroline’s to make together, but he claimed it felt good to tell the truth. Brooke cautioned her son about the fact that there were times when the truth couldn’t fix things. Sometimes, the truth coming out made things worse. Madison entered and told Rick that Thomas wanted to see him. Rick said he was in the middle of something. Madison explained that Thomas had said it was urgent. A reluctant Rick went to see the CEO with his mother in tow.

When Brooke and Rick entered Tom’s office, Taylor wondered what Brooke was doing there. Rick said Brooke was an integral part of the company and had a right to be there. Brooke thought Taylor might have been in Europe with Thorne visiting Ridge. Taylor claimed she didn’t follow Thorne around and insisted they were simply friends. Thomas got back to business and announced he was the major stockholder in the company. He said he valued input, but he would be the one making all the decisions now. He mentioned that Rick wouldn’t be able to do a thing about it. A furious Rick stormed out of the meeting and Taylor suggested Brooke teach her son how to be more gracious. Taylor stated her kids were the future of this company. Brooke countered by stating her family would challenge that. Taylor told her to have at it, because there was nothing she could do. Stephanie passed the torch to Thomas because he was Ridge’s heir.

Caroline and Hope spent some time together on the rooftop at Forrester. Caroline gushed over being with Rick and Hope said her brother was genuinely happy with her. The talk shifted to Liam and Caroline wondered if Hope would take him back if she had a chance. Hope said she had to draw the line somewhere, and Liam’s fondness for Steffy always drove a wedge between them. She said she couldn’t even think about taking Liam back because he was with Steffy. Caroline wondered if Hope ever asked Liam about what happened between him and Steffy the night before he was supposed to marry Hope. Hope admitted she had and also explained that Liam said nothing happened. Hope said it was his record of going back to Steffy over and over that forced her to leave him.

Back at Spencer Publications, Liam chatted up Sierra interviews and the Lady Ga Ga footage with an employee, and when he was done, Steffy said it was a turn on watching him conduct business. They made out briefly and Steffy updated Liam on the upheaval at Forrester. Liam wondered if Steffy was upset that she wasn’t appointed CEO. Steffy said she’d rather be where she is than crunching numbers, because she could enjoy life easier that way. They went back to kissing and Caroline entered saying she needed to tell Liam something.

On today’s episode, Bill and Liam have a conversation about Caroline. Bill suggests Liam tell Caroline to stay out of his business, but Liam insists Caroline is no bother. He mentions residual feelings he and Hope have for each other, but claims he’s meant to be with Steffy. Take a look at this CBS video preview for today’s episode.

Also, on today’s episode, a determined Caroline storms into Liam’s office with some news she feels compelled to give him. Even though Rick told Brooke, he and Caroline would decide together whether or not to confess to Hope and Liam, it seems as though Caroline can’t wait. Will she spill? Take a look at his second B&B video preview for today’s episode. Also do note, it seems as though Eric is giving up on Forrester. Sob!

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