‘The Bold and the Beautiful': Tuxedos and Texting Rattle Marcus

On yesterday’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, Donna complained to Eric about Marcus turning to him and Stephanie when he decided to marry Dayzee. She wished he had come to her and Justin instead. Eric gave her a pep talk and reminded her how Marcus gave up everything to find her. The two shared fond memories of their relationship. Donna claimed Marcus got his sense of family through her marriage to Eric. She also hated how close he was to Stephanie. Listening to Donna weigh in on her son’s upcoming marriage was a slight snooze fest that didn’t add much to this episode.

In the meantime, a rattled Marcus discovered he hit Anthony with his car. He comforted Anthony and pleaded with him to hang in there. Paramedics arrived and took Anthony off for some much-needed medical attention. Dr. Meade admitted Anthony and did a tox screen on Marcus. Marcus had a million questions for Dr. Meade about Anthony’s condition. The doctor told Marcus he suspected Anthony wouldn’t want the motorist that mowed him down anywhere near him. Marcus insisted this was an accident and told the doctor he was being unfair. The doctor apologized.

Lt. Baker reviewed the tox screen and it was clear Marcus wasn’t under the influence. He knew weather conditions were clear, the street lights were on and Marcus wasn’t drunk. He cannot fathom how Marcus missed a pedestrian while driving. Marcus is equally as puzzled and continued to insist he never saw Anthony. While munching on a microwaved hot dog, Baker asked Marcus to start at the top and tell him what happened.

When Marcus got a break, he called Dayzee. Stephanie answered Dayzee’s phone and claimed Marcus couldn’t see his bride before the wedding. It would only end up bringing bad luck. Marcus discovered Anthony hadn’t regained consciousness but his prognosis looked good. There was no skull fracture. Lt. Baker let Marcus go but advised him to cancel any travel plans he had for the next few days. He also had Marcus text him his phone number so he’d have it if he had to get a hold of him.

On today’s episode, Dayzee wakes up at Stephanie’s on her wedding day and can’t figure out why Marcus hasn’t texted her yet. Stephanie assumes he’s on his way. She also figures Marcus could be nervous but assures Dayzee that Thomas will calm him down. Dayzee agrees with that and mentions how Thomas picked the right best man. Take a look at this CBS video preview for today’s episode.

Also, on today’s episode, Dayzee continues to worry about Marcus and his fear of committment. Rick comes on to Caroline despite the fact that she is quite cozy with Thomas at the moment. Marcus confides in Thomas and it comes out that Marcus was texting while driving. It’s pretty clear Baker is already suspecting this. Dayzee and Marcus begin to exchange their vows. Take a look at this second B&B video clip for today’s episode.

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