‘The Bold and the Beautiful': Weekly Promo and Sneak Peek for 4-23-12

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On today’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, Hope’s fragile state continues to worry Liam, but he’s got bigger things on his mind these days. His father’s continued interest with his relationships with both Steffy and Hope has Liam constantly defending Hope’s actions. Liam regrets mentioning that Steffy kissed him and tells him this is why he hates confiding in him because he tends to get ideas in his head. All Bill know is that Steffy is there for Liam when Hope isn’t. Bill finds it laughable that Liam believes Hope simply fell asleep after taking that pill. He also attempts to assure a disbelieving Bill that Hope is done with those pills. Bill wonders if Hope is done with the crazy? Take a look at their conversation in this CBS video preview for today’s episode.

According to the CBS weekly promo, Bill has had enough. He can no longer sit by and watch his son self destruct in this relationship with Hope. He can’t bear the thoughts of Liam spending the rest of his life with Steffy. He decides to put a plan into action and apparently, the time to strike is now. Take a look at the CBS weekly promo for the episodes airing this week.

Also, on today’s episode, Hope elects to end her friendship with Amber. Liam arranges travel plans for fashion week that will place him, Steffy and Hope all in the same place, and Steffy flashes back to all the good times she shared with Liam.

Don’t miss the next episode of The Bold and the Beautiful and share your thoughts on what Bill might be planning in the comments section below.


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