‘The Bold and the Beautiful': What Went Down Between Steffy and Liam in that Hotel

On the last episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, Katie and Bill discovered they were having a boy. Bill began looking at the ultrasound photo to see if he could find a sword necklace. He told Katie this was all so amazing. He hadn’t been around for any of this when Liam was born. Bill began to worry about losing Katie. The doctor claimed there were some risks, but over the years, those risks have lessened for women with Katie’s medical history.

Back in Italy, Liam and Hope moved into the room Brooke and Ridge shared. Hope mentioned how her parents did it right. Liam hadn’t heard Hope refer to Ridge and Brooke as her parents for a very long time. Hope mentioned how amazing the things Ridge said at the wedding were. They began talking about Hope’s first attempt to make it to the wedding ceremony. Hope said in the end, she wouldn’t change a thing about their wedding. Liam thought of Steffy and mentioned he might have changed a few things. Hope decided to call Steffy to see is she was alright after that fall she took.

Taylor wondered whether Steffy was holding something back about what happened between her and Liam in Italy. Steffy asked her mother for confidentiality and told her the story of almost making it to the plane with Liam. She said Liam said he loved her and this would be a new beginning for them. Taylor couldn’t believe Liam would say these things on his wedding day. Steffy said he had thought Hope left him forever, until she came back to explain. While Steffy hid in the bathroom, Hope claimed it was Deacon and not her who wrote that note.

On the next episode, Steffy continues her conversation with Taylor. She continues to flash back to that moment in the hotel room when she truly knew she and Liam belonged together. Take a look at this CBS video preview for Monday.

Also, on the next episode, Karen plans to tell Bill she is gay. Elsewhere, Katie tries to assure Danielle that Bill is nothing like his father. She is sure he will be fine with her and Karen’s lifestyle. When Karen tells Bill she’s gay, he responds by saying “No, you’re not.” Take a peek at this second B&B preview for Monday’s episode.

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