‘The Bold and the Beautiful': Will Steffy and Liam Survive?

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On today’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, Brooke attempts to do damage control on Hope’s behalf with a disbelieving Liam. Hope had actually resigned herself to the fact that Liam had sealed the marriage deal with Steffy, but Brooke continued pressuring her daughter to hook up with Liam to explain why she broke up with him. Apparently, Hope wasn’t quick enough to contact Liam, so the babbling Brooke did it herself.

Brooke told Liam all about her daughter hopping the family airbus to get to Aspen to tell him she changed her mind about breaking up with him. Instead, she got stuck in the gondola while riding to the top of that mountain and watched Liam and Steffy get married. Brooke is sure Steffy had something to do with that gondola getting stuck. Liam tells Brooke Steffy had no idea Hope was in Aspen, but after he learns the only reason Hope returned his ring was because she saw him kissing Steffy outside his house in her car. That was the night Hope intended to tell Liam she was ready to move in with him and drop the abstinence routine as long as the press didn’t know about it. Liam had the right idea when he told Brooke Hope put her career before him. Steffy was ready so, Liam decided to marry her. What the heck?

Brooke got to Liam and he actually went to visit Hope at Forrester Creations. That happened right after Steffy—who had a hot new hairstyle and a fabulous jacket—asked Hope to convince her mother to accept Steffy and Liam’s marriage.

Elsewhere on The Bold and the Beautiful, Stephanie gets a visit from her sister Pam. Stephanie tells Pam about her latest medical tests and claims the doctors reported no new tumors. Pam thinks this is fabulous. She assumes Eric is thrilled. Stephanie insists the doctors haven’t mentioned the word “cure” yet and while she admits Eric is happy, she’s concerned he’s turning this into his own personal agenda. Pam gets that but Stephanie says she has a feeling Eric wants more than she can possibly give. Eric is so frisky these days and Stephanie can’t help him out. She has no interest.

Nick checks in on Jackie who is lounging around in her robe. He wants to know if she’s okay. She says this divorce is a happy one and mentions her loft is for sale again. She intends to buy it and move back in. Nick wonders if there are too many memories there and Jackie claims those memories are good for her.

Eric stops by to see Jackie to thank her for the sacrifice she made for their grandson. He tells her that he and Stephanie will be there to help her get through this. Eric updates Jackie on Stephanie’s latest positive prognosis, and she tells him Stephanie is one lucky woman. Eric says something under his breath, and this tips Jackie off that something is wrong between Eric and Stephanie.

Liam visits Hope and wants to know if what his mother told him is true. Hope says it is. Suddenly, the two are doing what they always did best. Kissing. Later, Brooke tells Steffy she just told Liam the truth about Aspen. What is Brooke thinking?

Eric apologizes to Stephanie for pressuring her about intimacy. She tells him she gets where he is coming from and wants to know if that’s enough for now. He says it is.

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