The bookback of The Sage's Providence, my Fantasy novel- would you read it?

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This is what I wrote on the back of the book cover that I posted, since you can't really read it, I decided to post this too. Like I said on the comment about my cover, this is a book that I started when I was around 16 or 17. I don't know if I should bother going back to it, does it seem interesting? Should I post the first chapter or so? Just needed an objective opinion or two.

A plague has gripped Mirigon for thirteen years before mysteriously vanishing only a year ago. The loss of lives brought two neighboring countries locked in a land battle to peace. Now they must join forces to battle an evil greater than ever before. An emperor in the far east seeks to take advantage of the countries' weakness and gain control. Only an unlikely band of soon-to-be heroes can stop him.

A daring thief from Bal'Enon has a dark side that can't be quelled. A selfish, but caring healer struggles to break free of her boring existence. A weather-beaten traveler is sent on yet another journey, only this time the outcome means the lives of thousands.

Together, they are Miragon's only hope.

Watching it all are two powerful forces, influencing the outcome of the war, for better or for worse.

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I'm back on Gather after a long time away, don't know if I'll stick to it, though. I'm still writing, though not as much as I used to if I'm completely honest. Maybe Gather will remotivate me. Unfortunately, I never did get around to creating Sca

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