The Borowitz Report – False, Funny, and All Too True

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Like the Onion, the Borowitz Report’s news stories are false and funny. But while the Onion’s stories can sometimes be mistaken for real news, there is no fear that “Bush Publishes ‘I Can Has Prezidensy’” will be taken seriously… well, maybe by some.

The Borowitz Report is the brainchild of Andy Borowitz, a stand-up comedian and author. He started by sending his funny fake news stories to friends over email but decided to switch to blog form in 2001.

New stories come out almost every day, an impressive speed for one man. But Andy Borowitz has plenty of ammunition. In Borowitz’s blog, the “Somali Pirates Refuse To Board Carnival Cruise Ships” citing “Unsafe Working Conditions,” and China stops spying on its people, “Will Use Facebook Instead.” Politics are the bread and butter of this blog, but figures from popular culture, and even entire countries, are not safe.

The Borowitz Report is not only funny, it’s smart commentary – and it should be, considering that Borowitz graduated magna cum laude from Harvard College, and was president of the Harvard Lampoon. He wrote his thesis on Restoration comedy. Borowitz went on to write for The Facts of Life and created The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Now, in addition to writing the Borowitz Report, he is also a blogger for The Huffington Post.

For the latest news turned on its head, check out the Borowitz Report. I hear that Sarah Palin claims that “Refudiate Appears in Fictionary.”

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