‘The Bourne Legacy’ Gets Delayed a Week to Make Room for ‘Dark Knight’

Bourne fans will have to wait an extra week to see whether Jeremy Renner does a good job of replacing Matt Damon. Anticipating the likely box-office dominance of The Dark Knight Rises this summer, Universal has wisely moved the release date of The Bourne Legacy from August 3 to August 10.

One might assume that because the new Batman movie opens on July 20, two weeks before Bourne‘s original release date, that would be plenty of time for the two movies to grab their fair share of ticket sales during the summer blockbuster season. But given the success of the last Dark Knight movie, as well as the big-screen longevity of other superhero movies like The Avengers (which also features Renner), it’s clearly a good idea to wait a little longer for Batman fever to die down, even a tiny bit.

No doubt that movie will still be going strong after three weeks. With the ever more competitive nature of the film industry, even a very successful franchise like Bourne shouldn’t take its popularity for granted, especially this time around, since it remains to be seen how audiences will take to the first film in the series without the proven star power of Matt Damon—though Jeremy Renner is no slouch, either. (It should be noted that Renner’s character is not, in fact, Jason Bourne.)

Universal is hoping the delayed release will help the movie “maximize its opening box-office potential,” the studio said in a statement. It’s a move that’s also designed to provide a better promotional tie-in for The Bourne Legacy during NBC Universal’s coverage of the Olympics, which start on July 27.

No sense in having Batman and Bourne slug it out unnecessarily, right? Here’s hoping there’s plenty of space in the box-office playground for both of these movie powerhouses.

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