The Boy Scouts of America Covered Up Sex Abuse

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The Boy Scouts of America is touted as being a “family values” type of establishment that operates on Christian ideals, blah blah blah. That’s why it’s simply to “moral” of an organization to allow homosexuals to join. Well, apparently this private organization finds sexual abuse to be moral, because accusations have not only been covered up, but abusers have been ignored to continue victimizing children.

In at least 400 instances, the Boy Scouts of America failed to report accusations of sexual abuse among their scout leaders. One camp director even admitted that he was told not to report a staff member for child sex abuse because the organization wanted to protect its reputation.

So how’s that for morals and family values?

It’s a shame that so many children are victimized at the hands of people “entrusted” by these organizations; organizations that American families have trusted for several decades. Should this group even be trusted anymore? While they’re worried about same sex partners being parts of their troupes their own so called heterosexual scout leaders are molesting young boys and going unpunished. This is a travesty.

Photo: CBS News

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