The Breath of God

The Breath of God

The Breath of God

is not like the spring breeze

to waft away the rainbows unborn in clouds

nor as the hot summer wind

to gust away serenity of the night

is not like the autumn puffs

that scatters the leaves of your years

nor as the cold winter gales

that blow away your dreams.

The Breath of God

is not some dark sermon from the pulpit

railing against sin and promising damnation

nor harangue of hell and endless perdition

in burning pit echoing with screams

is not words laced with venomous hate

to poison us all with the grave’s oblivion

nor deranged thoughts of malevolent Satan

tempting and buying souls of saints and sinners.

The Breath of God

says unto you and me and to all

who walk this lonely world awhile

“Do not look into the ego’s dark glass

for you will surely lose you way

to follow crazed wraiths who crucify all I savor

and you will drink deep from insanity’s bitter cup

then lurch lost among barren thorn and rock

and believe you became as leper unto Me.”

The Breath of God

murmurs to all of us in empty places

“Dear Child of Mine this need not be

bow you not down nor fall to your knees

before false gods of greed and hate

worship not idols in fear and madness made

when writhing fever of you as bodies fell

for all of these are nightmares hollow but unfit

for you the Children of the Light.”

The Breath of God

is a song so softly sung

it is like a contented sigh of work well done

is singing in our souls

as tranquil calm within all storms

is crooning about light to shine away

all mists of sorrow in dark nights

is a gentle love song silencing

the drums and trumpets of war and hate.

The Breath of God

is ever so quietly telling the tale

that Light is Love and Love is Life

is ever so gently coaxing us

not to cast the stranger out

is ever so quietly urging us

not to throw any stones at all

is ever so gently persuading us

that He, you and me are the Holy Trinity.

The Breath of God

is sweeping clean the world

of all dark hate no matter the form

but not with horrendous spectre

of four crazed horseman riding in the sky

yet does not compel those who cling

to madness still and nightmares would impose

rather is singing of another way where

He walks in the middle holding our hands.

The Breath of God

counsels you to gladly count yourself amongst

the Children of the Light and says unto you

“Behold, the Lamb of God

has taken away the sins of the world

the Christ who lives is she and he

who stands right next to you but is uncertain

and afraid to take the hand you withheld

because you recognized your Saviour not.”

The Breath of God

cries out unto you and me and to all

who still walk lost in the wilderness

“Come forth and throw away your lepers’ bells

sin is a hot fever gone and at an end

redemption from darkness is at hand

so light you the lamps by heaven sent

say nay to war and hold each other’s hands

so Love at last may come again.”

The Breath of God

gently says to each one of us

“You are your heart which I created

all that I fashion remains eternal still

beyond all limits of space and time

you whom I in My Image made

are not bodies but Children of the Light

come home unto Me; you are My Heart

thus your heart is surely innocent still.”

Over the years on Gather I have published 10 Easter poems – this is the second one of these that I have published this Easter.

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I am intrigued by the proposition that what you believe is true for you - even if no one else believes it or regards it as true. That you will seek and find evidence proving to you that what you believe is true, despite the beliefs of others. Thereby imp

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