The Buffet Rule Supported by Majority of Americans

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The Buffet Rule is supported by an apparent majority of American voters, contrary to what some out-of-touch right-wingers might want you to believe. A recent poll that asked potential U.S. voters what they felt about Obama’s initiative revealed some rather staggering numbers.

In case you’ve been out of the loop, The Buffet Rule is being considered by the Senate, and if it’s approved, it will require the richest Americans to pay at least 30 percent in taxes. This is something that the talking(empty)heads on Fox News laments about sadly a lot lately, because they simply hate the whole idea of “taxing the rich.”

Unfortunately for those types, the poll revealed that 72% of potential voters support “The Rule.” So that goes to show that politically biased commentaries and the rantings of grandfathers aren’t truly accurate when it comes to what Americans want for their country.

Certainly if this is passed, it won’t matter who becomes president in 2012—because things will begin to balance out regardless of who occupies the White House, whether it be Mitt “Ritchie Rich” Romney or the current Commander and Chief.

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