The Caroline Kennedy Controversy

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Why do the American people seem to think that everything someone in the public eye does is their business?  Caroline Kennedy was born into the spotlight.  The woman has tried to remain private as much as possible and given her family's penchant for public life, I think she's done a fairly good job of keeping her private life to herself.

I have no idea why she suddenly chose not to take the Senatorial seat but she says it is for a private matter and that should be good enough for everyone.  Why do they feel the need to make this into some big drama?

I know, it boosts ratings and sells papers but the woman may have something very important that has caused her to make this decision and it's really no one else's business.

It's the same for celebrity and candidates' children.  Just because their parents have chosen a very public lifestyle doesn't mean that we have to know what all the kids do or don't do.  It's different when the child has broken the law or is hurt or whatever but I don't really need to know what Bristol Palin does or doesn't do and I don't need to know about her private life.

When a public figure's private life impacts us in the sense that their morals and character impact our government, then we have a right to know.  Otherwise, how would you like it if someone stuck their nose into your private life and broadcast it to the world?  I realize that there are people out there who love being in the spot light and they love those reality shows so everyone knows who they are but not everyone is like that.

I treasure my privacy and will always treasure it.  I don't want someone nosing into my business.  I don't even like it when people I know in general terms on a day to day basis ask me too many private questions.  It makes me very suspicious of them.  My warning signs go up and I wonder why they want to know that information.

When I go home at night, I go to my little room and get on the computer and eat my dinner and work and I don't socialize with the neighbors.  I have a handful of people in my building that I semi-socialize with but I can guarantee you that once I move from there, I will probably only keep up with very few of them.

I have friends but I keep those friendships separate from my home life and when I'm home, I don't want to be bothered with other people and their junk.  I want to do what I need or want to do and be left alone.  I'm sure Caroline Kennedy feels a lot like that right now.

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