The Catholic Church Paying to Protect Perverts Rather than Paying for Birth Control

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The Catholic Church really has their priorities mixed up. In yet another lawsuit against a Catholic diocese, the church was found guilty of covering up for another pedophile. Also yesterday, the Catholics filed suit against the Obama administration for ordering them to cover birth control to employees at religiously affiliated businesses and universities.

The mandate doesn’t even go into effect until August 2013. The legislation was passed in February 2012 and they are already heading to the courthouse to fight more than a year before anything even happens. Why don’t they fight for their juvenile parishioners like that? Don’t the Catholics care about young people?

Apparently not because Deacon Timothy Reilly of the Green Bay diocese commented that he thought the two victims of child molestation in the case suffered only “minor trauma from the abuse” and there was no evidence the church knew about the molester’s history of doing the same thing over several decades.

The molesting priest, Rev. John Feeney, received psychiatric treatment in 1974 after he touched girls at a church retreat. He then molested the victims in this case in 1978. There’s even a group for survivors of those Abused by Priests! That means this happens way too much.

The court awarded the two boys a total of $700,000 Monday.

How much do birth control pills cost? Anti-Obama people say women can get them for $10 or less. The Catholics would rather spend time and money covering up for perverts than protecting their followers. The Catholic Church is a little misguided, wouldn’t you say?

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