The Cavern Below Forest Edge, Part 3. Dark Journey

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Garth started them forward on the old dirt road. Even with the lanterns, they could only see about four feet to all sides.

Every now and then the ground would shudder, making them huddle around the jumpy, unhappy horses. Tortie, her carrier now tied to one one of the horses next to the smaller suitcase, often protested her imprisonment with a loud set of meows.

Several hours later they could see human dwellings ahead. Mike and Jill Trent were camped just outside one. Mickey and Jillika were inside the hut exploring. James Trent stood guarding the entrance like the warrior he had always really been.

“Our house is just callapsed rubble now. The computer seems either dead or inoperable. He was unable to answer us.” Mike sighed sadly.

James added. “The castle was gone again, like when it became a hologram. I could not get to the HellGate.”

Shannon told her share of the tale.

They spent the chosen rest hours camped outside the tiny hut. There had not been anything but weeds and rubble inside.

When they woke, Aaron sent up another of his bigger sized fireballs. “Must have been a good sized town once.”

“Ruins as far as we can see!” Jill had climbed onto a boulder by the hut to see better.

To be continued……………………..

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