The Cavern Below Forest Edge, Part 4. Dark Journey

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Garth helped her down. “Any direction look better than the rest?”

Jill nodded. “I saw some type of temple to the right.”

They all turned to TripleMind. They nodded. “As good a direction as any.” Garl agreed.

They repacked the horses after feeding them grain from Con’s saddlebag. They’d turned Tortia, the mother cat loose. She’d come to her three kittens. Smudge shared scrambled eggs, toast and sausages with them.

Tortia showed up just as they were repacking the food supplies  in a suitcase. She  settled back in the carrier with her kittens. Shannon offered her a sausage. Tortia accepted it quietly.

They were soon on our way. Jill estimated the distance to the temple as three long city blocks. Garl handed out fresh torches to Garth and Rocky.

Half an hour got the group  there. It was big. It reminded them of the old Gothic Cathedrals, except for having a statue of an octopus with extraordinarily long tentacles, horns jutting out of it’s humanoid head, and a stone throne holding it on top. It was definitely not a church for Earth style humans.

Con tied the horses to some strong looking metal posts then released Tortia and Smudge. Both entered the temple with them. Paula carried the kittens in the carrier.

The ornately carved doors opened as they approached. They were covered with strange glyphs, spirals and triangles. Cold air came out to chill them. It smelled surprisingly clean and wholesome.

Before entering, they could only see a sort of dark haze.

Entering, they found ourselves, complete with the horses and the Dreamer in a forest clearing. The trees were made of strange bundles of dark twiggy twine like stuff.

All the undergrowth was pale grey fungi. The roof of dirt was pale blue grey. They could see a giant red  lamp overhead.

We seemed to still be underground. They also now were facing a long tunnel. With a sigh, they all started into the unlit darkness.

To be continued………………..

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