‘The Choice’ Recap: A Kardashian, a Comedian, a Football Star and an Olympic Medalist

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This week on The Choice, four new men are back in the hotseat waiting to choose from many women just by hearing their voices. The eligible guys are reality star Rob Kardashian, comedian Finesse Mitchell, NFL star Rob Gronkowski and Olympic medalist Steven Lopez. Host Cat Deeley starts by introducing the girls.

Elle is the first one out. She is a pro-dancer and loves to take care of her man. Both Robs and Finesse turn their chairs around. She chose Rob G.

Diana describes herself as a curvy blond, is originally from Russia, is educated and wants to own her own business. Finesse and Steven turn around for her. She went with Steven.

Princess came out carrying her tiny dog. She wants someone to love her and the pooch. She has nice hips and is adventurous. Unfortunately, not one of the guys turned around. It must have been the dog.

Brittany from Boston comes out and says that she likes to have a good time. Rob G. decides to turn around. Since he is the only one, he gets her in his pool.

Marjan says that she is from London and is Persian, which gets Rob K. and Steven to turn their chairs around. She ended choosing Rob.

Neilda comes out and says that she is a global goddess. She is also very artistic and plays the guitar. Finesse and Steven turn around. She chose Finesse.

Monique comes out wearing a short red dress. She is a small town girl and models. Steven is the only one that turns around.

Angelica says that she is innocent, loves to volunteer and to cook. They must love food because both Finesse and Steven go for it. She chose Steven, so now his dating pool is full.

Cassandra comes out and says that she is a dancer and plays video games. Finesse turns his chair around for her, so he now has two girls.

Taylor is from Kentucky, loves Jesus and football. Rob and Finesse turn around but she chose Rob.

Myrna didn’t have to say anything because the audience spoke for her. Both Robs and Finesse go for it. Rob G is the one she chose.

Kelly is a Midwestern girl who likes sports. Both Robs and Finesse turn around but she chose Rob K. and his dating pool is now full.

Now Finesse will need to choose between two girls to complete his pool. Matylda is a student and is a hot tall blond that can take care of her man. Ateern carries a 9 mm weapon and loves to follow her heart. He ended up with Matylda.

Finesse now has Matylda, Neilda and Cassandra. Rob G. has Elle, Brittany and Myrna in his pool. Steven has Monique, Diana and Angelica. Rob K. has Marjan, Taylor and Kelly to choose from.

It’s time for the speed round where they get to know each other by asking questions.

Next the men will have to choose one girl to send home. Finesse chose Matylda to leave and Rob G. chose Brittany because she wants a commitment without even going on a first date. Steven sent Monique home while Rob K. chose Marjan to go home.

The final round has those all-important questions from the guys, which makes their decision even tougher.

Rob wants to know, what family member does she have a special bond with and why? Both Taylor and Kelly chose their moms that they have a special relationship with. Rob decided to take Taylor out on a that special date.

Steven’s question was, what is she most disciplined about and why? Diana says that she has a good head on her shoulders and gives great advice to her friends. Angelica said she is disciplined about school and making sure that she does not do things in too much excess. He chose Angelica.

Rob G. asks, what could you set a record for? Elle says for being a most confident female. Myrna said to be happy and to live life to the fullest. He went up and chose Elle as his date.

Now it’s time for Finesse. His question is, what’s the best advice she has ever been given for a successful relationship? Neilda answered that she should like that person the way they are and have fun with them. Cassandra says to like who you are which makes you confident. Finesse chose Neilda to take out.

Catch another set of eligible bachelors on The Choice next Thursday night on Fox.

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