‘The Choice’ Recap: Premiere Episode

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The Choice is a brand new dating show with host Cat Deeley trying to set up eligible bachelors and bachelorettes, who also happen to be celebrities. Each week, four men or women will sit in chairs that are identical to the ones in The Voice. These chairs will swing around so that the guys will only hear the voices of their possible dates. While the contestants are describing themselves in thirty seconds, the celebrities will have to decide whether they are interested enough to know more about them. This week, the four guys are rapper Romeo, Olympian Jeremy Bloom, General Hospital’s Jason Cook and reality star Pauly D. Let the games begin!

First up is Rachael who says that she loves to spend time with her 97-year-old grandma. ThatDSC_2130 gets to both Jason and Jeremy as they quickly turn their chairs around. She chooses Jeremy.

Next up is Elyse, which has the audience roaring. This gets all four guys turning around. As they each make their case as to why she should choose them, she ends up picking Pauly D.

Lisa is next as she tells the guys that she is a model and wants to become an English teacher. Romeo is the only one who took the bait, so Lisa is now on his team.

Another Lisa walks out but this one is blonde and a dancer. Both Jason and Pauly D turn around because they are interested in the dancing. She picks Jason.

Amber is a farm girl which brings interest to Jeremy. He is the only one to swing his chair for her. She is now on his team.

Nia comes walking out. She is tall and loves to play volleyball. Jeremy is the only one who does not turn around for this leggy girl. Nia chooses Jason.

Next is Ashley who says that she is more powerful than Chuck Norris. Maybe that part scared the guys because not one of them swung their chairs around for her.

Elizabeth explains that she has brains and a booty (doesn’t everyone?). All of the guys except for Romeo is impressed by her and turns around. She chooses Jeremy. He is the first one to have all three of his girls.

Annapurna is up next. She gives a threat to Romeo to get him to turn around but he does not give in. However, Jason and Pauly D take the bait. She asks the guys to describe themselves in three words. Pauly D says that he is fun, ambitious and trustworthy. Why do they find the trustworthy part humorous? Jason says that he is a film geek, book and nerd. Even though Annapurna is glad Pauly D says he is trustworthy, she ends up choosing Jason. He now has his three girls on his team.

Donna comes out next. She is from Romania and will tell her guy how amazing he is in Romanian. Pauly D is the only one that turns around. She has the same name as his mom, so that is good, right?

Next up is Vanessa who says that she is Italian which impresses both Romeo and Pauly D. Romeo says that he loves Italian women so she picks him.

Angelise says the she is a comedian who has a body like Jessica Rabbit. Both Romeo and Pauly D swing their chairs. The red head chooses Romeo which makes his team full.

Pauly D still needs one more girl to fill his team so Cat brings out two females, Asia and Alyssa. Asia is another Italian and Alyssa says that she has a stripper pole at home. Of course, he chooses Alyssa.

For the next round, each guy will ask the girls on their team a few questions on what is called a fast date. They each get to decide who is going home. Vanessa is sent home by Romeo, while Jeremy sends Amber home. Jason chooses to eliminate Lisa and Pauly D sends Alyssa packing.

The guys get to ask their two remaining girls a question. Romeo’s question was, “What is the most impressive thing you have ever done for love?” Lisa took her guy to Jamaica and Angelise said that she flew from LA to Boston to spend six hours with her guy. Romeo chose Lisa as his date.

Jeremy asks Elizabeth and Rachael, “What was the most adventurous thing you have ever done in your life?” Neither one has done anything adventurous. He has a tough decision. Jeremy ends up picking Rachael for his date.

It is Jason’s turn. Nia and Annapurna are asked, “If he came to them with a broken heart, how would she heal it?” Nia’s answer was coffee and cream. That brought some laughter. Annapurna’s answer brought even more laughter after her answer was chocolate! She was a bit confused over what just took place. However, Jason chose Nia. They made a strange combination.

Pauly D is next. He asks Elyse and Donna, “Do you think it is possible for men and women to be just friends?” Both of the girls said that yes, it is possible. Pauly D walks up and says that if anyone has seen me on TV, you would know that I would pick Elyse. Poor Donna!

The Choice is on Fox on Thursdays at 9PM. Next week’s guys include Joe Jonas and Mike Catherwood.

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