‘The Choice’ Recap: Season Finale

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This week on The Choice, actor Dean Cain, NFL player Ndamukong Suh, male model Tyson Beckford and Dr. Robert Nettles are four celebrity bachelors that are looking for love, Will they find it on this show? Host Cat Deeley starts by introducing the girls that want a date with one of them.

Nishi comes out and tells the guys that she speaks five languages, loves to dance and is a music teacher. All of the guys turn around and she picks Tyson.

Amanda says that she is a bikini competitor, is 50% Polish and 50% Italian. Dean was the only bachelor to turn around. He now has his first girl.

Ashley comes out on stage and says that she is laid back, loves movies and dancing, and is looking for real love. Robert and Suh turn their chairs around but she picked Robert.

Jessica loves motorcross and is a country music lover. Dean and Suh turned around. Dean was chosen by her.

Katie comes out and tells the guys that she is from Nashville, is a hairstylist and is laid back. None of those sparked an interest in any of the guys. The poor girl got sent home right away.

Camilla says that she is an Asian and black spice. Enough said! Dean, Tyson and Suh turn their chairs around for her. She chose Tyson.

Christie loves football, having fun and wants someone to make her laugh. Suh took the bait and turned around.

Nicole lives in Brooklyn, is a science teacher and loves to snowboard Suh and Tyson turn around and she picks Tyson so he now has his dating pool full.

Jenny grew up on a farm and majored in biology. Robert decided to give her a chance and turned around.

Out comes J who is an entertainment lawyer. Robert and Suh turn their chairs around. J picks Suh.

Gina says that she is acrobatic and is super funny. Dean and Suh turn around for her but she chooses Dean. His dating pool is now full.

Nicole says that she is an all-American girl and has a bachelor in science. Robert and Suh pull their lever for their chair to turn around, but she goes with Robert and his pool is also full.

Suh still needs one more girl in his pool. He has to choose between the last two girls. They are Stacy from Colorado who says that she doesn’t need a man and is a family girl and Diana, who is Brazilian and Columbian. Suh chooses Diana.

Next, the guys will need to eliminate one lady after the speed round which both the guy and the girl get to ask and answer questions from each other.

Amanda, Jessica and Gina are in Dean’s dating pool. After the speed round, he sends Gina home.

J, Christie and Diana are in Suh’s group of girls. He chooses J to go home, which was a little surprising.

Robert’s girls consisted of Jenny, Ashley and Nicole. Robert didn’t seem to make a connection with Ashley and sent her home.

Tyson has Camilla, Nicole and Nishi in his dating pool. He sends Nicole home.

Now for the final choice round, the girls left will have to answer some tough questions for the guys.

Dean wants to know, if you could have any super power, what would it be and why? Amanda says she wants the power of always telling the truth. Jessica wants to develop a charity to travel around to give dental care in other countries. After 10 seconds thinking about it, Dean chooses Amanda to take on a date.

Christie comes out next. Suh wants to know, what is the most generous thing you have ever done for someone? She couldn’t really think of anything but she did say that she rescued a cat. Diana says that her dad has multiple sclerosis and she’s given $1000 to the charity. He then went up and picked Diana to be his date.

Jenny was asked, describe an event that has changed her life for the better. She said that it was the passing of her grandparents that changed the way she thought about life. Nicole says that it was an accident that had happened to have her thinking of safety first. Being the doctor that he is, Robert went up and chose Nicole as his date.

Tyson wants to know, what are you judged unfairly about? Camilla said that it is her looks. Nishi went the opposite way and said that it was the lack of understanding about her looks when she was growing up. Tyson picked Nishi.

What did you think of The Choice? Would you want another season of this show?

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