‘The Choice’ Recap: The Girl’s Night

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This week on The Choice, it’s time for four bachelorettes to take their tune looking for love. Hope Dworazyk , pop singer Sophie Monk, Miss USA Rima Fakih and actress Carmen Electra sit in their chairs ready to pull that lever for the guys.

Brant is the first guy out. He says that he is a southern guy and is a self-employed personal trainer. He is also a family guy. He chooses Hope.

Shane then comes out with a baby guitar to serenade the women. Carmen turns around right away. Then he goes on to say that he is also a veteran of the air force and treats a woman like a princess. Three of the females turn around but he picks Sophie.

Gabriel is out next. He is from Michigan and played college sports. Rima and Sophie turn their chairs around; however, he ends up picking Rima.

John is from England and is a pro-pastry chef. He also knows three languages. Sophie and Rima turn around for this guy. He ends up with Sophie.

RJ is up next. He says that family is important to him and he wants to show the girls what love is all about. Carmen is the only one brave enough to turn around.

David says that he is intelligent and has a great smile that stops traffic and a body to match it. Sophie is the only one that turns around so she now has all three guys in her dating pool.

Garrison comes out and says that he is fun loving and that chivalry is not dead. He is also a stand-up comedian. Not one of the girls turn around for him so he is out.

Christopher comes out and says first of all, you are all gorgeous. That’s all it took for the four girls to turn around. He ends up picking Carmen.

Karim comes out and starts talking about love. It almost sounded like he was trying to create a love poem for them. Carmen and Rima turn around but he picks Rima.

Marco is a former athlete, has dreadlocks and is half black, half Indian. Hope is the only one to turn around.

Andrew says that his nickname is bear so he is cuddly. He is also a soccer player. Carmen and Rima both turn around. He chooses Rima.

Nicholas grew up on Maui and loves to cook and bake. Both Hope and Carmen turn around but he picks Carmen.

Since the other three women have their three men, Hope will get to choose between two guys. Joe say that he works at Victoria’s Secret while Hermoz says that he understands women very well. She decides on Hermoz.

Next up is the speed round where they both get to answer questions to learn as much about each other as they can. Hope’s three guys are Brant, Marco and Hermoz. Sophie has David, John and Shane. Rima’s guys are Gabriel, Karim and Andrew while Carmen has RJ, Christopher and Nicholas.

They girls now have to pick one guy to send home. Hope sends Hermoz home, Sophie sends John home, Rima sends Gabriel home and Carmen sends home RJ packing. Now it’s time for the personal questions.

Hope wants to know, if the two of you fell in love, how would he propose? Brant says that he would tie in their first date to keep it sweet and from the heart. Marco says that he would make it meaningful and intimate by the water. After ten seconds to think about it, Hope chooses Brant.

Sophie’s question is, would he give her his best celebrity impression? John does Woody from Toy Story. Shane does his best Elvis impression and uses his hips to prove it. Sophie must have loved the hip action because she chose Shane.

Rima’s question is, if you were competing in a beauty pageant, what would his talent be and why? Karim says it would be his walk, which he demonstrates. Andrew says that he does tricks with his tongue. Rima chooses Andrew. He is so excited that he picks her up and carries her to the chair.

Carmen wants to know, in your opinion, if you were an animal, what would he be and why? Christopher says he would be a shark while Nicholas says he would be a dolphin. She chose Nicholas to go on a date with.

Catch the next episode of The Choice Thursdays at 9pm on Fox.

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