The Christmas Program ~ for Saturday Writing Essential

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My father was not a Grinch.  He did not dislike Christmas.   He was active in and a supporter of the church.  He liked children.

What he didn’t like was the children’s Christmas programs.  It bugged him to see one kid after another stand in front of the congregation, look at his or her shoes with shrugged shoulders and rapidly mumble a few words, then scamper away.  So when I was 4 1/2 and scheduled to appear in the Christmas program, my father instructed to speak to those in the last row.  He need not have worried.

When it was my turn, I stood at the designated spot and even the would-be hearing aid set heard every word.  It didn’t stop there.  In fourth grade, Miss Minor told every other classmate to speak up; she suggested to me that I didn’t need to speak quite so loudly.



Challenge: Using prose or poetry, write something about Christmas.

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