The Coliseum in Rome – Photos and a Family Vacation

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Earlier this month my family finally got our dream vacation — a trip to Italy! I’d been wanting to show my kids this amazing, beautiful country for a while now, but as lots of people can attest, 1. It’s hard to coordinate schedules of members of a busy family 2. International travel is expensive. With patient and proper travel planning, though, a trip almost anywhere in the world is feasible. Now, Rome is very hot and crowded with tourists in the summer. We appreciated seeing the Roman Coliseum (here are some photos of our summer vacation at the Roman Coliseum). Being able to walk through the Coliseum was a highlight of our family vacation. Children don’t always understand the historical significance of an ancient place, though: What my kids liked the most was the graffiti (some over two centuries old!) on the walls of the Coliseum. It brought to life the concept of Rome through the centuries.

Children and adults alike need constant refreshment in the heat of Rome in the summer. We saw the Forum, the Senate, the Spanish Steps…but if you ask my kids today what their favorite part of our days in Rome was, they’d probably say that visiting the best gelato shops in Rome trumps all that art and history! Oh well…when they’re older, they’ll appreciate our family vacation in Rome as much as I did.

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