The conditions of life

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It’s amazing how the everyday news prompts one to think about his/her own life. Many times, because of our enamored interest with hollywood, we are often reminded of our own frailty or the overall depravity of the human condition. When Mel Gibson gets caught drunk, Brittany Murphy dies suddenly, or Bill Clinton has an emergency heart procedure we somehow are forced to think about our own lives. For me anyway, I get a little nervous when I see or hear people near or slightly older than I am suddenly dying. That kind of news can be a little frightening. Since we all have our own lives to live and no one really knows when the end is, these kids of news serve as a wake up call for us who are just living the mundane.  These kinds of news give us the opportunity to look deep in our soul and ask ourselves questions: Am I living life the right way, Am I healthy, Am I giving the proper attention to my family, Am I …fill in the blank. I thank God for each new day and pray that I am living it the right way. The best I can.

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