The Cure for Homosexuality : Would you choose to change? (friendly debate please)

A friend of mine posed this question to me "If science discovers that homosexuality is a chemical imbalance and were able to create a pill and/or "vaccine" for said illness, would you take it?"

When he asked me this alot of questions and thoughts rolled through my mind:

    *How much would my personality change if i took this "vaccine/pill"
    *If it's a chemical imbalance, would that mean that is is a mental illness?
    *Could i really change with the help of something so simple?
    *Would i want to?

    All of these things ran through my mind in such a jumble that it's hard for me to think of a clear answer to the posed question. I'v always wondered if it was something gentic passed down through the genes of my family due to the fact that my uncle and my sister are gay as well as many people that i know who are gay have relatives that are as well. If it is something gentic and written into my genes how much would i really change from taking something so simple? Would my personality become like that of the cliche "straight man" or would it be a smaller change or just switching from gay to straight? Would i cringe at the thought of my former life of being a homosexual? WOuld my values change?

Society today is growing to accept the homosexual "lifestyle" more and more each day but it's still a struggle for many people going about there lives in fear of being harrassed because of the way they are. For many such a drug would be a miracle and would be eagerly taken but for others who are accepted and can go about their day to day lives without this fear and anxiety would have a hard decision to make.

SO now i ask you, what are your opinions on the subject? would you condone a drug to "Cure" homosexuallity or would you condemn it? would you think it would be a godsend or a curse?

Friendly debate please!!!

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