The Curse Of The Toothpaste

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It took strong nerves to wake up from bed yesterday. I guess all of us have this longing desire to prolong our tryst with sleep but never actually succeed. I envy the person who can sleep way beyond his waking hours. 

I dragged myself to the bathroom knowing that I had to get ready for work. The first thing I usually do in the morning is brush my teeth, which explains why I have a lot of dental problems. Never brush your teeth unless you are fully awake and alert! 

Anyway, I took my toothbrush and opened the cabinet to get my toothpaste. To my horror, I discovered that the tube of toothpaste looked completely empty. Based on my knowledge of toothpastes, I knew there was some paste waiting inside for me. And I was going to get it. 

I tried squeezing the tube but met with no success. All I needed was a single drop of paste but the tube wasn’t willing to give in. 

I then placed the tube against the wall and tried smashing it into submission. No luck. I then choked the neck of the tube with all my strength and failed again. The tube seemed stronger than Hulk Hogan. 

I then decided to go for the cruelest ever toothpaste-extracting method. I took my trusted pair of scissors and began cutting the tube into two halves. It took me 2 minutes exactly and I was able to extract sufficient paste for my use. 

Mission Accomplished. Total time taken: 20 minutes. Final score – Jojy: 1, Mr. Toothpaste: 0.

While keeping the tube back, I almost had a heart attack when I saw a new tube of paste sitting proudly in a cozy corner of my cabinet.

You win, Mr. Toothpaste. Final score – Jojy: 0, Mr. Toothpaste: 100. 

Moral of the story: Never mess with your toothpaste.

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