The Curse of You

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I wrote this poem a while ago. Cheers!


You are a leech upon my mentality
You are a parasite feeding on my sanity
I'm holding on be a single fraying thread
I want to let go-to lose myself
Just so I can be free from you
If only for a moment

I want you to leave
Get out of my stinking life
Take all the nightmares you've left behind

I want to be free of your suffocation
I want to be free of this painful vocation
I want to break the chain
That's holding me to you

Take me away
I'll do anything to separate myself from you
I can't breathe with you hanging over me
I'm asphyxiated
Your blade serrated
Is sucking the life from me
With every cut you make into my face

I'm trapped in a relationship
With a psychotic sadist
You're pulling the strings that I'm attached to
You're making me smile for my friends
When all I want is to scream
You think you've got it all
But soon you won't have me!

I'm calling the police, ambulance and FBI
I'm gonna say it's an emergency
It's true; I could die because of you

I'm calling the fire department
Because you're burning down my only hopes of freedom
Your nonstop siege has already destroyed my castle
Desecrated my home in a fiery blaze

I'm drowning in anger
Dying in despair
Your chokehold is tightening
I'm trapped on all sides
You're tearing my soul from me
'Til I can't see a single blessed thing

All I know is your dark face looming over me
And your cruel eyes taking sadistic delight
In all you've done to me in my blazing agony
And you won't even let me crawl away to die
You hold me in your hands

When it's death and life
You won't even offer me the pleasure
And delight of going to a death to be far away from you
For eternity

Of all you can do to me
Death is the slightest
For death would bring freedom
From what you've ignited in me

You are the terrorist
Who flew those planes into the Twin Towers
On a sunny morning
I am the dead
Who you enjoyed killing
But somehow I'm still alive

You are war
A scar on the face of earth
You are death
The incarnation of the night
You are Satan
My personal Satan
And you are servant only to your evil desires

I am the innocent
Trapped on Death Row
You are my judge, jury,
And soon my executioner

You are my drug
And I can't shake you off
I'm the noncombatant
Massacred in Vietnam
Tortured, mutilated, stripped naked
And left to die

I am the road kill
That you drove over
Again and again and again and again

I am the fell witch
Drowned in the dunking seat
And you knew I was innocent
But you enjoyed hearing my screams

I am the oppressed detainee
Imprisoned in Guantanamo
And you are my prison guard
Turning my life into living hell

I am the poor child
Devoured by a shark
And you are the bystander
Who stood by and watched me die

You kill me every day
Every moment I am more a slave
To you and your malicious ire
To you and your licentious desires
To you and your vicious bonfires
That have already scorched my flesh
Beyond any hope of recognition

I yearn to be free
To lift myself away from you
And all the evil you stand for

I am truly a prisoner
In my own home
I am truly a slave to you
What you do to me
Is enough to kill me
A million times over
And still have some left over
For all the people you have yet to destroy

You are a curse placed upon my life
You are a demon who doesn't need to hide
You're out there in the open
Who would have guessed
That tomorrow I'm going to be on the next flight
Out of Las Vegas
Flying away from you forever and forever
And you'll never know that I've already placed
My 911 call
And tomorrow you're going to wake up
To the sounds of a SWAT squad outside your door
After what you've done to me
This is merciful

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