The Dallas Cowboys aren't America's team. Let's put an end to this myth.

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Year after year I watch ESPN and listen to all the sports pundits tell me over and over again how the Dallas Cowboys are such a great team.  They tell me how the Cowboys are the team to beat.  They compare Tony Romo to Brett Farve.  They feature the Cowboys although there are many other teams worthy of the ass kissing they place upon them.

Well I just watched the Cowboys fail to make the NFL playoffs for the 9th or 10th year in a row.  I watched as Cowboy owner Jerry Jones squirmed as his team choked once again.  I watched all aspects of their team fail.  In other words, I watched as the Philadelphia Eagles kicked their ass.

I watched as the Cowboys hired misfits such as Pac Man Jones.   I watched as the Cowboys employed the cancerous Terrell Owens. I watched as the Cowboys imploded when the the going got tough and the tough did not get going.

As ESPN, Fox Sport, the NFL channel kissed their ass, I wondered what did they saw that I didn't see.

What they wanted was ratings.  What they wanted was "change".  YES WE CAN!

Well what they got was a mediocre , dysfunctional bunch of athletic misfits who will never be able to explain the definition of TEAM. It's all about me.  It's all about doing what I want to do even if it's detrimental to the overall success of the TEAM.

Jessica Simpson.  Where are you now?  I didn't see your curly locks tonight.  Is your beau now "old school"?

Once again.  The Dallas Cowboys aren't America's team.  Let's put an end to this myth.




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