The Dandelions – Or I Drifted Dreaming = SATWE 02/22/14m (Unoriginal) Gather Writing Essentials

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I drifted dreaming on a cloud

High above the Meadows

When all at once to my surprise

Lovely dandelions floated by

Tantalizing to my eyes

Gorgeous additions to the sky


They were traveling on a soft sung breeze

Gold and silver colors entwined

Drifting towards the moon above

I followed for that is where I sometimes dwell

With all the subjects that I love

I felt the pleasure in my heart swell


The stars were twinkling softly now

Giving a welcoming glow

Each twinkle struck a note divine

Melodic chords strummed through the sky

As we neared the Dandelion Moon so fine

Lovely accompaniment as we fly


Pensively as if in a trance

I thought of the pleasure so near by

The stately moon that rules our tides

Our moods, our very lives enhanced

In my dreams  on the moon  I rule as Queen

Where dandelions gold and silver dance



Inspired by Daffodils; Or, I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud

By William Wordsworth (1770 -1850)





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