The danger of fundamental Christianity; Epilepsy vs. Dogma

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Everyone has hurdles to jump in life; everyone has their own demons to battle and challenges to overcome. But when your beliefs stand in the way of your health and happiness, then it is time to change your views on life. Such was the case with my wife Victoria who is a shining example of what false beliefs can do to those who are raised in Dogmatic belief system and how truth and Love trumps all.

Victoria has Epilepsy a disease where a person will go in and out of consciousness with varying symptoms such as Grand Mal seizures, absent seizure and confusion. The first seizure either of us were aware of happened 5 years ago when we first met and we thought it was an isolated incident until it kept happening more and more. The doctors were baffled as one seizure kept coming after the other which is a very unusual characteristic for someone to start having seizures at 23.

The truth is that she had seizures since birth and those with epilepsy has limited short term memory, making it all too easy for her family to keep this from her and made up new memories to replace the epileptic incidents. It was only when she had her latest seizure and her medical records were sought out, that this information came out.

After many conversations with her friends and extended family, it was confirmed that everyone she grew up with, was told not to say anything because her very religious Christian family was embarrassed by this; as most Christians and other Dogmatic religions feel that this is a sign of the Devil . As unbelievable as that sounds; it is beyond accurate and if anything I am down playing this actual event for lack of words to describe what she had to endure.

“I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ” ~ Mohandas Gandhi

To compound the danger of this religious dogma, my wife and I had a child and did not know any of this information at that time. Luckily he is extremely healthy and is as strong as an ox but her doctors admit knowing this would have changed her treatment during her pregnancy greatly and would have prevented the many seizures she had during her pregnancy.

This is not the first generation that had this happen to in her family as her uncle died from a fall during a seizure and  the story of his death was changed from an accidental fall due to a seizure to an aneurysm based death. From doing more research it became obvious they did the same thing his to him as well and until this day they will not admit to any of this.

My wife has since disconnected from her family and the Christian Dogma’s that has imprisoned her for the first 22 years of her life. Because she has since been very vocal about her epilepsy; she was able to discover many people and close friends with a similar story of a secret epileptic society.

I will always be in awe of her strength to overcome such a great obstacle and all the good fortune she now has is well deserved. She has proved that through the art of asking and receiving nothing can remain hidden and she has become grateful for knowing the truth. I can only support her by saying that I am here for her but ultimately this is her hurdle to jump and I have been amazed to watch her do so with such amazing grace.

Graphic Video of A Grand Mal Seziure

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