‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Movie Review Without Spoilers: Does Batman Live Up to the Hype?

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In this The Dark Knight Rises movie review, you won’t find any spoilers revealed. You won’t find answers to questions such as “Does Batman die?” or does “Bane kill Batman?” Those can be found elsewhere. Instead, you’ll find out whether this film is worth your time and money this coming weekend, or next week, or whenever you might get to the theater to see the Caped Crusader in action.

The Dark Knight Rises: The Official NovelizationTo quickly address that notion, get to a theater to see this movie as soon as possible, as it’s a riveting action-packed blockbuster. It will be selling out everywhere, and rightfully so, as the “Bat” is back, thanks to Christopher Nolan. The film has currently notched an 84 percent rating at Rotten Tomatoes website, and 94 percent rating from audience members who have voted.

In this third and final film of Nolan’s trilogy, movie goers find a broken and reclusive Bruce Wayne, who has put his “other suit” into retirement. The audience also meets Batman’s most menacing villain to date in Bane, played by Tom Hardy. He proves a worthy adversary to the Dark Knight, as they were both trained by the same organization. However, Bane has really honed his skills, making him stronger, and perhaps more clever than Batman. Is it possible Bane is superior to the popular hero?

Bane is looking to make a serious statement with his cause, which is partly to destroy Gotham, and partly to destroy Batman. However, there’s much more to it than that, as multiple characters are woven into the story. Anne Hathaway provides a sexy, seductive and skillful Selina Kyle. She’s never quite referred to as Catwoman, but it becomes apparent. Is she friend or foe to Batman? That’s what the movie holds for viewers to learn.

There’s also John Blake (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), the new “hot-headed” cop on Gotham City’s police force. He’s got an interesting background story, which will be brought forth in the film. There’s Miranda Tate (Marion Cotillard), a powerful business executive helping use her influence at Bruce Wayne’s corporation. Don’t forget those familiar faces either. Gary Oldman returns as Commissioner Jim Gordon, protecting an old secret which has made Batman look like a criminal. However, Wayne and Batman has friends, including faithful butler, Alfred (Michael Cain), and his Wayne Enterprises board member, aka weapons/toys supplier, Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman).

That cast right there is enough to watch the movie, as they’re able to keep your attention glued to the screen. Add in Tom Hardy as Bane, a fierce and ruthless fiend who wields terror over the masses, and you’ve got one believable and scary super villain. Then add in the fight scenes, explosions, gunfire, chases, and Batman’s various weapons or vehicles, and you’ve got yourself a high-octane entertainment extravaganza.

It’s hard to dislike much about the film, but at the same time it can be said that this one does not outdo the previous installment in terms of jaw dropping special effects or Oscar-type performances. Tom Hardy probably won’t be winning the Best Supporting Actor award like the late Heath Ledger, and at times audience members may find themselves straining to understand his dialogue. With the special effects, they are amazing, and spectacular, so don’t discount those either. While you might not see a scene as impressive as the tractor trailer getting capsized in Dark Knight, comic and movie fans may get giddy when Batman first appears on screen. In terms of overall fun, excitement, and value for your money at the box office, this one is definitely worth it.

Ranking this summer’s superhero films is easily accomplished too, as The Amazing Spider-Man and The Avengers are both outclassed by the more mature, gritty, and intriguing story developed in The Dark Knight Rises. This franchise may be over for Christopher Nolan, but that’s not to say that this immortal hero who has been resurfacing for years, might not be resurrected once again. Movie goers can only hope that someone comes somewhat close to giving it the treatment and care that Nolan did with this impressive series.

Have you seen The Dark Knight Rises yet? What was your opinion of the film? Is it better than the previous Dark Knight movie? Was it the best Batman movie you’ve seen so far and will it be nominated for an Oscar?

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